Thursday, 17 June 2010

Poll Shows Americans More Concerned About Jobs Than Oil Spill

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The results of a Gallup poll taken from June 11 through 13 and released on June 17 indicated that more Americans rate the economy and jobs as the nation’s biggest problems than the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

When asked the question: “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?” Twenty-eight percent selected “Economy in General,” 21 percent chose “Unemployment/Jobs,” and 18 percent selected “Natural disaster response/relief,” which encompassed the Gulf environmental crisis created by the spill.

Other choices of concern to Americans were “Dissatisfaction with government” (14 percent), “Healthcare” (11 percent), “Federal Budget Deficit” (7 percent), “Immigration” (5 percent), and a three-way tie among “Ethical/Moral decline,” “War/Fear of war,” and “Lack of Money” (all at 4 percent).

When the May and June Gallup polls were compared, those most concerned about the economy increased by two points, those most concerned about jobs decreased by one point, and those choosing “Natural disaster response/relief” increased by 17 percentage points.
When the two economic-related issues are combined (the economy and jobs) they account for nearly half — 49 percent — of those polled picking those two topics as the most important problems the country must resolve.

The poll was conducted through a random telephone survey of 1,014 adults.

Perhaps also reflecting Americans’ concern over the lengthy and severe economic recession, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll conducted in May indicated that 6 in 10 Americans still favored offshore drilling for oil. NBC News reported: “Despite the spill, 60 percent say they support allowing for more drilling off U.S. coasts, and 53 percent believe that offshore drilling’s potential economic benefits outweigh its potential harm to the environment.”

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