The "gig" or freelance economy is a dynamic economy, and the statists are having a tough time trying to adapt.

Companies that habitually took advantage of the Export-Import Bank's largesse are funding efforts to resurrect it.

If Greece doesn’t wish to become a vassal of the EU, a successful exit will require character and determination to throw off its disastrous socialist policies.


In a glaring example of Orwellian double-think, advocates of ObamaTrade say that it will create jobs while at the same time saying that we must pass a Trade Adjustment Assistance bill (TAA) to provide subsidies for U.S. workers who will lose their jobs.

While the U.S. Department of Labor continues to tout decreased unemployment rates, the reality is that a significant portion of the unemployed have simply withdrawn from the job market entirely, according to a survey by Express Employment Professionals. According to the survey, 40 percent of the 8.5 million unemployed Americans have given up looking for jobs.


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