Presidents are expected to keep quiet about whatever the Federal Reserve does. But Donald Trump has become famous for upending supposedly sacrosanct protocols.

In the first nine months of the present fiscal year, total federal revenues were $2.54 trillion, while total federal spending was $3.15 trillion, leaving a deficit of $607 billion. That’s 16-percent higher than it was at the same time a year ago.

Schumer says it's a plot. Portman says it's understated. Lots of things will change in 30 years.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell suffers from the same disease infecting all those on the board: the hubris that they really know what's best for the economy.

With the Fed likely to raise overnight bank lending rates by one quarter of one percent on Wednesday, observers are increasingly concerned that those increases may throttle Trump’s roaring economy just as it’s beginning to hit its stride.

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