To judge from the impassioned cries of his opponents, one might think President Donald Trump’s tariff announcement on March 1 was the opening shot of a calamitous “trade war” that will end in apocalypse and ashes.

The Fed will make eight quarter-point rate hikes between now and the end of the year 2020 in order to stave off predicted inflation.

Under President Trump's proposed budget, the governemnt admits it can't end deficit spending, but will merely attempt to make those deficits smaller by increasing tax receipts owing to economic growth.

The impact of Apple’s repatriation of its overseas profit hoard of some $250 billion — which is expected to be massive — could be dwarfed if much of the about $2.5 trillion in profits that is still held overseas by American companies is repatriated as well.

“Did you see they're doing trickle-down again?” asked a buddy of mine, a Vietnam vet, the other day at lunch. “It doesn't work. It's just a con to give big tax cuts to the rich and the corporations while there's nothing for the average guy.” He sounded like a recent editorial in the New York Times, “The Republican Tax on the Future.”

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