The wreckage from the Chinese Virus pandemic and imprudent shutdown of the economy by panicked public officials is far from finished. And that could spell trouble for President Trump come Election Day.

After the Fed announced it would expand its efforts to “support” the economy by buying corporate bonds, Wall Street rebounded nearly 1,000 points on the news.

Another week, another bad report from the Labor Department. The number of those filing unemployment claims is steadily dropping, but remained close to two million for the week ending May 30.

On Thursday, the federal Department of Labor reported yet another unfathomable pile of claims, this one from the week ending May 23: 2.123 million people applied for jobless benefits

The week ending May 16 added another 2.4 million to the unemployment rolls, a decrease from the previous week but one that raised the number of claims since March 1 to nearly 40 million.

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