A new book by John Tammy examines the effect on the U.S. economy that would come from closing the Federal Reserve.

With China leading the way by selling a record $187 billion of U.S. treasuries in 2015, a massive global liquidation continued during January and February of this year. What does this mean for the U.S. economy?

Citing concerns about about a possible economic crisis and a desire for monetary stability, the State of Tennessee is now officially on record supporting the establishment of a depository facility to house gold and other precious metals for Tennesseans. In a remarkable example of bi-partisanship on serious issues, the resolution passed unanimously in both the state House and Senate before being signed by the governor. But more work remains, according to pro-Constitution and sound money activists supporting the efforts.

The U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced its intention to mark up a bill calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve.

Kudos to Trump for being willing to talk about the elephant in the living room: the U.S. national debt and the likelihood of defaulting on that debt because of an inability to pay.

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