This year’s Tax Freedom Day — the day on which the American people have earned enough money to pay all of their taxes due for the year — falls on April 24. 

Globalist voices pushing a global taxation regime and an end to financial privacy worldwide reacted with glee at the “Panama Papers” leak, in which millions of documents relating to private international capital flows were handed to select establishment media outlets by a George Soros-funded organization.

Threats by labor unions have forced California lawmakers to strike a deal this weekend that could increase minimum wage to $15 an hour, generating concerns from business owners that the deal will drive up their costs, force them to cut back on the number of employees, and even put them out of business. Despite fears over the long-term negative effects such a wage increase would have on businesses and the availability of jobs for low-skilled workers, lawmakers have apparently caved to union threats to launch fully funded political campaigns that would take the issue directly to the voters in November.

Not only are so many jobs becoming obsolete, but so are many of the Luddite unions trying to stop the inevitable from happening.

Cecilia Malmstrom, architect of Europe’s migration disaster, promotes TPP, TTIP, WTO before Peterson Institute and Global Business Dialogue insiders.

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