The latest report from the Congressional Budget Office about the state of the economy isn't apocalyptic. It just points the way.

Legislation introduced in Congress recently would define the U.S. dollar as a fixed amount of gold, a move that supporters say would help stabilize the monetary system while protecting savers, workers, and investors from the ravages of inflation. If signed into law, the bill would also restrict the ability of the controversial Federal Reserve System to confiscate the American people's wealth and manipulate the economy by expanding the currency supply. President Donald Trump has publicly supported the idea of returning to a gold-backed dollar, but the prospects for the new legislation remain uncertain.

A Census Bureau report noted that by 2030, as Baby Boomers age, the size of the older population will grow such that one in every five U.S. residents will be of retirement age.

Are Tariffs Good for America?

Written by Steve Byas

Trump's announcement of protective tariffs for steel and aluminum has resurrected the old arguments over the subject — arguments that go back to the earliest days of the republic.

In the past few years of heavy marketing and favorable media coverage, one would expect that the electric-car market would have taken off. It hasn’t, though; it survives on government handouts.


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