Investors in the stock of Glencore, the giant commodities mining and trading company, lost almost a third of their portfolios’ value on Monday.

In a major setback to the taxi cartel, Queens Supreme Court Justice Allan Weiss ruled that e-hails in New York City differ enough from physical hails of taxis to make them legal.

In the face of the dramatic collapse of its stock market in recent months, the communist dictatorship ruling mainland China responded as it does to most perceived problems: with outright tyranny and terror. From detaining and terrorizing stock traders to censoring and manipulating press coverage of the markets, Beijing is again revealing its true colors: red and redder. The consequences of the regime's response will likely be felt for years to come, with one expert comparing China's stock market today to a “roach motel.”

How quickly things change. China's rickety economy has essentially defanged the tiger, meaning it is unlikely that it will use intentional money manipulation to devastate the United States.

When allowed the freedom to choose, people and businesses choose to live where they're able to keep more of their money.

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