While the Conference Board says the economy is slowing, Black Friday sales broke records and Cyber Monday sales are expected to do the same.

It's the Fed. It's not durable goods orders or the "death cross" or other reports of an allegedly fading economy that's behind Wall Street's worries.

Stocks bounced higher on Wednesday following Tuesday’s relief rally, responding to another positive employment report from ADP/Moody’s: The economy notched a gain of 227,000 new jobs in October.

The national debt of the United States government jumped by $1.3 trillion during the fiscal year ending September 30, and the U.S. Treasury will issue new debt in the amount of $1.34 trillion.

Is the recent stock sell-off likely to continue? Is this a precursor to a decline in the economy? Not according to managers of millions of investors’ funds, who remain bullish on the economy.

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