Though jobs are plentiful, some economists are predicting a downturn, which recalls the truism that economic forecasting makes weather forecasting look good.

Federal biofuel mandates have failed to accomplish their stated objectives while forcing consumers to pay higher prices for food and fuel, a new report concludes.

Since the Empire State Manufacturing Survey — taken by the New York Federal Reserve — measures the economic outlook of just 200 manufacturers in one state, its drop is really nothing to worry about, right?

Should you need a license to pump gas? Some people seem to think so, which is perhaps why Oregon had a 56-year-old law prohibiting you from dispensing your own petrol. Now the state has finally modified the proscription, allowing people in rural areas to pump their own gas — and some Oregonians are getting the vapors.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reports that the Amtrak train that derailed on Monday on its way to Portland from Seattle was going 80 mph on a 30 mph track. Sadly, Amtrak derailments are not particularly unusual and the transportation system has long been known for its incompetence and “weak safety culture,” which brings up the question, why does the government continue to subsidize Amtrak?

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