Because of the existence of federal subsidies, farmers are overproducing peanuts, putting taxpayers on the hook for $2 billion.

Walmart's stock selloff has nothing to do with a perceived declining U.S. economy, but everything to do with serving customers. 

According to the latest study from the Cato Institute, the best way to make the most money is to work for the government. Preferably, the federal government.

Three Uber drivers could kill the nascent "gig" or "sharing" economy in its crib by suing to be deemed "employees" of the company, rather than independent contractors.

Minimum wage hikes have provided restaurant owners across the country the opportunity to tackle what many have criticized to be unfair tipping practices. Faced with rising labor costs resulting from minimum wage increases, some owners are raising costs on their foods and services and implementing no-tipping policies to help offset the increased costs for their patrons — a change that some owners are actually welcoming.

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