According to Friday's Labor Department report, the economy generated 236,000 new jobs in February, dropping the unemployment rate to 7.7 percent. But these number do not reflect some unsettling facts: Part-time jobs increased while full-time jobs fell, and the labor force itself continued to shrink.

Despite much speculation that huge government agency orders for billions of rounds of ammunition are deliberately designed to result in "de facto" gun control, a more reasoned response is that demand is outstripping supply and it will eventually inevitably come back into balance.

The price of gasoline, according to the Energy Information Administration, may fall in the near future, but will likely rise again and continue to stay high for a number of reasons.

The announcement that Time Warner may be selling most of its magazines to another publisher is more evidence of its continuing loss of credibility in a market increasingly receiving its news and commentary from more reliable and trustworthy sources.



The decision to stop printing Newsweek magazine after Monday, December 31, reflects a change not only in how its subscribers access the news but a change in what they wanted to read when they got it.

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