City officials would do better to make sure to police the streets, and put out the fires, rather than to dictate how much retail space is used for lettuce.

Smartphones being given by the federal government to low-income people have Chinese spyware installed, spyware that can’t be removed and that gives agents of Beijing considerable control over those subsidized phones.

December capped off a remarkable year for the U.S. economy.

Your current dollars are worth less than four cents relative to their value in 1913, the year the privately owned Federal Reserve took over the banking system. What’s more, a recent report illustrates how states exacerbate the problem by “destroying” more tangible wealth: gold and silver.

Trump’s Tax Cut Act 2.0 Coming

Written by Bob Adelmann

Trump is certain to offer his “tax cut 2.0” proposal later on this year even though the House would reject it out of hand. A new House, with Republicans again in control, could enact the second iteration of what has worked so well. 

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