A senior Republican lawmaker is putting Federal Reserve System boss Janet Yellen on notice: There's a new sheriff in town, so America and American interests had better come first from now on. Citing the victory of President Donald Trump, Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), the vice chairman of the powerful House Financial Services Committee, sent a letter to Yellen demanding an end to secretive negotiations with unaccountable foreign entities plotting to impose ever more burdensome regulations on Americans. In the letter, the congressman calls such scheming “unacceptable” and demands that it be stopped.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report for January showed a job growth of 227,000 new jobs. On the flip side, government employment dropped by 10,000 jobs.

The Trump administration's move to stop the cut in the FHA home mortgage insurance rate is a good one — if one understands economics.

With a free market nothing stands still; everything changes. Resistance is futile, even by auto dealers. 

The ripple effect of business investment in the United States, thanks to the friendly face in the White House, is likely to accelerate.

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