It has taken two years to return the economy to full throttle, and its beneficiaries are now settling in for the rest of the trip.

Retail businesses lead all sectors in job cuts; 41,201 employees have lost jobs through February — 92 percent higher than the 21,484 job cuts made through February 2018.

When it comes to the beef industry — and the pork industry — USMCA is just NAFTA re-branded, and NAFTA was disastrous to the U.S. cattle industry.

Once again, economic forecasters are embarrassed. The economy is not enjoying a temporary “sugar high” from Trump’s tax reform, but is just beginning to feel its impact.

The U.S. Treasury announced on Friday that the federal government has spent $1.8 trillion since October 1, while tax receipts were only $1.3 trillion. According to Modern Monetary Theory, this is just fine.

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