With the dead weight of federal regulations being reduced, American consumers and small business owners are enjoying the freedom and the savings.  By Bob Adelmann

San Francisco is at it again with its nanny-state policies, this time having the honor of being the first city to officially ban the sale of e-cigarettes and vape pens within city limits.

Next Stop: Dow 30,000 Say Experts

Written by Bob Adelmann

The current economic expansion that underlies Wall Street’s bullishness looks to continue, building off tax cuts pushed by an obscure economist from the Reagan administration. 

High-tax states are already seeing high earners flee because of those high taxes. A provision of the Trump tax cuts limiting deductions on state and local taxes will surely exacerbate the situation.

The Federal Reserve expects inflation to remain low, bringing out exuberance from President Trump, but what is good is the Fed's irrelevance, at least for the moment. 

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