Lenin saw the cinema as critical to Communist take-over. Now, his Chinese comrades are actually buying up the American movie industry.

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 required oil refiners to add ethanol to their product or buy ethanol credits. Those credits are now being traded and reaping hundreds of millions of dollars in gains for the big oil companies.

Though many analysts are predicting a big decline in the stock market, a repeat of Black Monday is highly unlikely. Not impossible, just highly unlikely. 

On Friday, the Treasury Department published the final revenue and spending numbers for the federal government for Fiscal Year 2016, which ended on September 30. According to Treasury's report, spending increased significantly (by nearly five percent) over the previous year, to more than $3.8 trillion, while revenues remained essentially flat from the year before, at $3.25 trillion. That left a shortfall of approximately $600 billion, forcing the government to borrow 15 cents of every dollar it spent last year. And the two presidential candidates have remained disturbingly silent about the issue.



The economic growth rate during each of the last eight presidential administrations (beginning with Eisenhower's) was lowest during Obama’s term in office, January 2009 through October 2015, an era of multiple tax hikes and pervasive regulatory expansion.

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