From January 2000 to the end of 2015 China closed 1,200 merger and acquisition deals in the United States worth a combined total of $63.3 billion. It would seem that the way to overtake a country may not be with planes, guns, and bombs, but rather with the almighty dollar.

Although elements of socialism have slowly crept into the economy, President Obama's calls for wage insurance cross well over the line. Under his State of the Union proposal, American workers could draw benefits merely for taking lower paying jobs, effectively cancelling out the free market in the process.

As President Barack Obama, presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, and others across the country push for higher minimum wages, the fast food industry is taking bold steps forward in automation — moves that will help those companies offset the rising cost of employee wages.

The latest data reveal that the U.S. economy is headed for a recession by the end of the year.

In its latest report, the World Gold Council listed the central bank of the United States as the owner of the world's largest supply of gold. Serious questions remain as to the amount and location of the alleged cache.

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