No slowdown in the economy is expected before November's elections, and none is likely afterward, either, says the Conference Board.

Federal biofuel mandates have failed to accomplish their stated objectives while forcing consumers to pay higher prices for food and fuel, a new report concludes.

Despite President Donald Trump's “America First” campaign promises to rein in globalism in favor of Americanism, analysts on both sides say new reforms being pushed at the World Bank represent a “departure” from that agenda. Under the proposed agreement, which has not been made public yet, the World Bank is set to receive an infusion of new tax dollars while handing more power and influence to the regime ruling Communist China. A senior U.S. Treasury official told The New American that the “transformational reforms” were in line with Trump's vision and would protect U.S. taxpayers. But already, establishment-minded analysts are celebrating the move as a betrayal of the “America First” agenda articulated by President Trump. 

After suggesting last week that the U.S. government would seek to rejoin the sovereignty-shredding Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), President Donald Trump took to social media on April 18 to slam the controversial “free trade” regime that he once described as the “rape of our country.” Instead, Trump is seeking a bilateral agreement with remaining Pacific-rim governments such as Japan. Grassroots conservatives celebrated the announcement. But establishment voices were less than happy about it.

Since the Empire State Manufacturing Survey — taken by the New York Federal Reserve — measures the economic outlook of just 200 manufacturers in one state, its drop is really nothing to worry about, right?

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