By putting "America First" through instigating a trade war, Trump is putting American consumers last. 

Big gates swing on little hinges. This little store in Seattle could be just such a hinge, threatening to transform shopping experiences everywhere.

The impact of Apple’s repatriation of its overseas profit hoard of some $250 billion — which is expected to be massive — could be dwarfed if much of the about $2.5 trillion in profits that is still held overseas by American companies is repatriated as well.

Economists expected 250,000 new jobless claims to be filed during the week ending January 13, but claims fell to a 45-year low of 220,000. Any number below 300,000 in an economy as large as the United States’ reflects a healthy economy.

The world’s largest retailer, Walmart, announced on Thursday that it was voluntarily raising its minimum wage for new workers to $11 an hour starting next month.

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