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As if they didn’t have enough problems with stock drops, accusations of political purging and lawsuits from fired employees, the tech giants who rule the Internet with an iron fist now face a new tax to help fight fake news.

State employee pensions, negotiated by greedy public employee unions and rubber-stamped by short-sighted politicians have left several states teetering on the edge of financial insolvency and there is no solution in sight.

President Trump’s celebrated huge second-quarter GDP gains, and on cue, the naysayers came out of the woodwork, explaining why the second quarter’s numbers were so strong.

Home sales in Southern California fell in June, dropping 11.8 percent since June 2017. “People can’t afford homes anymore,” said a real estate agent in Pasadena.

In less than an hour on Wednesday, Facebook tycoon Mark Zuckerberg lost $16.8 billion. But the real loser isn’t Zuckerberg: It’s the investors in Facebook, who watched the stock drop 20 percent.

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