With the battle over a proposed $15 federal minimum wage raging, job losses are sure to be forthcoming — from not just traditional downsizing, but as has been seen in China and at restaurant trade shows, robots.

A coalition of Republican lawmakers introduced a bill in Congress that would prohibit any federal or “funny-money” funding to bail out to state, county, local, or territorial governments across the United States. If the legislation is approved, the prohibition would apply to bailouts by both the Obama administration's Treasury and the “independent” Federal Reserve System, which in recent years has conjured trillions of dollars into existence out of thin air to bail out mega-banks and other cronies in America and worldwide. Some analysts, though, are skeptical of the motives. 

A new book by John Tammy examines the effect on the U.S. economy that would come from closing the Federal Reserve.

Canadian members of Parliament are concerned about the potential subjection of their citizens' private banking data to the U.S.'s PATRIOT Act surveillance.

With China leading the way by selling a record $187 billion of U.S. treasuries in 2015, a massive global liquidation continued during January and February of this year. What does this mean for the U.S. economy?

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