Trump claims a victory as Ford Motor Company will keep producing Lincoln MKCs in Kentucky instead of moving that operation to Mexico.

As part of the globalist establishment's ongoing push to create a totalitarian “cashless society” where every transaction can be tracked and controlled, Indian authorities last week suddenly demonetized the two largest denomination bills in circulation. In Sweden, where government already tracks and monitors almost everything, central bankers are plotting the creation of a “digital currency” that could be completely controlled — along with those who use it — by authorities. And in Australia, establishment-minded mega-banks are plotting with politicians to force everyone into a United Nations-backed “cashless society” where banks and government have total control over the population. In each case, different excuses have been used. But taken together, it is obvious that something major is going on, worldwide. Liberty and privacy are literally at stake.

“I think of this job as being a relay runner,” President Obama says regarding the transfer of power to the new president. But what he understandably does not say is that he will be handing over to President-elect Trump a basket of economic deplorables.

Today's headlines about the Bureau of Labor Statistics' jobs report are deceiving: The economy remains weak, and is getting weaker. 

Lenin saw the cinema as critical to Communist take-over. Now, his Chinese comrades are actually buying up the American movie industry.

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