The latest report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York triggered all manner of financial anxiety: U.S. household debt is at an all-time high, and savings are near an all-time low. How bad is it really?


More and more U.S. companies are using benefits from President Trump’s tax reform program to enhance their employees’ benefits, from paying more of their health insurance premiums to contributing more to their retirement plans.

As if they didn’t have enough problems with stock drops, accusations of political purging and lawsuits from fired employees, the tech giants who rule the Internet with an iron fist now face a new tax to help fight fake news.

State employee pensions, negotiated by greedy public employee unions and rubber-stamped by short-sighted politicians have left several states teetering on the edge of financial insolvency and there is no solution in sight.

President Trump’s celebrated huge second-quarter GDP gains, and on cue, the naysayers came out of the woodwork, explaining why the second quarter’s numbers were so strong.

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