You might be an "economite" if you … prefer city lights to starry skies in wide open spaces; agree that a college education is worth going into significant debt; patronize stores in which the majority of the goods were made in Communist China; believe that illegal immigrants are needed to "do the jobs Americans won’t do"; forego family time to work to afford more expensive gadgets, clothes, and trips; are making minimum payments on credit card debt; subscribe to Forbes magazine; are bored without modern entertainment like sports teams, video games, social networking sites, reality shows, and iTunes; think free-trade agreements (like NAFTA, CAFTA, and KORUS FTA) benefit our economy; support politicians who think economic growth is always beneficial to a community; frequent casinos; or eat to thrive rather than to survive.

Leftist billionaire George Soros (picture, left) has openly advocated for the destruction of American sovereignty, the “managed decline” of the United States dollar, the need for open borders and the “creation of a New World Order.” Soros has also declared the United States to be the greatest obstacle impeding upon the creation of that New World Order and has announced that China would serve as the better leader in the New World Order.

Gold and silver prices soared to record highs and commodities continued pushing upwards as investors seek safe havens amid growing fears about inflation and the debt crisis swamping Europe.

When Terence Jeffrey, writing for, noted that true federal spending for the fiscal year 2010 wasn’t $3.7 trillion after all, but closer to $11 trillion, he discovered an old accountant’s trick to make things look worse (or better) than they are:  either double count, or don’t count at all.

Is there a Shariah threat to America? Some believe so and on Friday’s episode of the Glenn Beck program, guests discussed the threat of Shariah law to the United States and the manipulation of the American public into accepting Shariah through the imposition of Shariah-compliant financing.

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