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State Says It’s Okay to Try Not to be Homosexual — for Now

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Ask yourself if the following makes sense: If a boy wants to “change his sex,” which isn’t a matter of feelings but an observable physical reality, a psychiatrist may prescribe that he dress as a girl and one day be surgically altered. But if he wants to change the feelings telling him he wants to change his sex, or the feelings telling him he wants to have sex with his own sex, he’ll be forbidden from seeing a psychiatrist. Increasingly, this backwards standard is being embraced by states.

New Hampshire just dodged a bullet in this regard. By one vote, its House defeated a measure that, reports the New York Times, “sought to prohibit counselors from proposing or engaging in treatments to change a minor’s sexual orientation or gender identity,” a process sometimes called “reparative therapy.”

“The House bill was defeated by one vote, 166-165, after House Speaker Gene Chandler, a Republican, broke a tie. The Senate version of the bill, which the House was voting on as well, was also narrowly defeated, 170-169, with Mr. Chandler’s vote,” the Times also writes.

The New Hampshire vote is a rare setback for the sexual “devolutionaries,” as the Atlantic informed last year: “In the U.S., state governments are beginning to outlaw conversion therapy in growing numbers. California became the first to do so in 2012. Eight other states have banned it in some form since. In 2017 alone, Nevada, New Mexico, and Connecticut have signed their own bans into law.”

This explains why the homosexual lobby has been dubbed the “Velvet Mafia”: Once a member, you can never leave. Well, at least they haven’t yet followed Islamic jihadists’ lead and made death the punishment for apostasy.

As my opening paragraph indicates, this opposition to reparative therapy is driven by ideology, not science. It’s not just that the sexual devolutionaries typically define scores of “genders,” with “gender queer,” “nonbinary,” “neutrois,” “aporagender,” and “agender” all part of the agenda (if you’ve no idea what these terms mean, good news — you’re normal). It’s not just that some “experts” claim there are innumerable “genders.” It’s that among them is “gender fluidity,” which is when “gender expression shifts between masculine and feminine.”  

So if “gender” is not fixed, why can’t someone seek help fixing his “gender”? Because the resolve to destroy traditions is fixed — but the sexual devolutionaries’ principles are fluid.

The same hypocrisy is evident regarding sexual attraction. It isn’t just not supposed to be fluid, but so fixed that any attempt to alter it can induce psychological brokenness. Yet the same media making this claim will at other times label people such as “Bolshevik” Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, a “former lesbian.” Shouldn’t that be, “A lesbian denying her true self and marrying a white, cisgender, male oppressor”?

American Thinker notes this contradiction, writing, “Liberals claim that sexuality is immutable, but that is obviously false when you have actresses like Ann Heche who date Steve Martin for years, then Ellen DeGeneres, then change back to dating men. If dating Steve Martin can make you into a lesbian, then obviously, sexual orientation is a choice.”

By the way, note that the matter of “choice” here is almost universally misunderstood. It’s not that people choose their feelings (though chosen actions can influence them; “We are what we repeatedly do,” as philosopher Will Durant put it). Rather, feelings generally manifest themselves due to early-years formation, which is why so many people are saddled with unwanted compulsions. Choice does enter the equation, however, when we decide whether to act on those feelings.

Moreover, why are some governments prohibiting reparative therapy for one or two deviations from the norm but not others? After all, aside from homosexuality, there’s bestiality, pedophilia, and countless “paraphilias” (noticeably harmful or obsessive fetishes), such as deriving sexual excitement from vomit, being an amputee, drinking blood, being robbed, and stuffed toy animals. Aside from “gender dysphoria” (the sense you’re stuck in the wrong sex’s body), there’s “species dysphoria,” the belief that one is an animal trapped in a human body; and Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), the persistent sense that one or more body parts (e.g., eyes, legs) don’t belong on/in your body.

Note that all or virtually all the above compulsions/delusions are deeply ingrained and difficult to change. Yet in only two cases do the powers-that-be say, quite arbitrarily, that you may not even attempt to change them.

Don’t look for logic, though, behind agendas divorced from science. There’s no proof homosexuality is inborn (nor would such a fact change its moral status). And the “transgender” diagnosis is made solely on strong and persistent feelings of “cross-gender identification,” without the presence of any known physiological markers proving that at issue is a biological phenomenon and not a purely psychological one. It’s no different from cutting open someone’s chest and performing bypass surgery simply because he “feels” as if he has heart disease (click here for an in-depth explanation).

Yet the sexual devolutionaries are as successful as they are unscientific. A newspaper editor was just fired for tweeting criticism of a third “gender’s” addition to Vermont driver’s licenses, and a recent study found that more than 25 percent of California youths aged 12 to 17 are considered “gender nonconforming” at school. That’s applauded, too — just don’t fail to conform to “gender” ideology.

So “My body, my choice?” — not when the choice is to leave the Sexual Devolution Cult collective. 

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