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UN COP25 “Climate” Summit Promises More “Global Governance”

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Globalists and promoters of the man-made global-warming hypothesis have high hopes to advance “global governance” during the upcoming United Nations 25th Conference of the Parties (UN COP25) in Madrid in December. Described by organizers as the “COP of Action,” the summit will “enact the demands from the streets” and from the “children” on supposedly fighting climate change, organizers said.

Among other goals, the UN and most of its member governments are seeking to finalize rules for an emerging global “carbon market.” Under the controversial plan, humanity will pay for emissions of the gas people exhale, commonly known as carbon dioxide or CO2, as part of Western governments' plans to reduce their people's emissions of the essential-to-life gas.

Another key item on the agenda is “climate financing,” organizers said. After all, totally restructuring the economy of the world, as leading UN officials claim is required, will take a lot of money.

However, with climate skeptic President Trump still in the White House and the U.S. government in the process of leaving the UN “climate” regime, the feasibility of those grandiose schemes remains uncertain at best. Indeed, even Democrat lawmakers, who typically make an appearance at the UN “climate” summits to show solidarity with their leftist allies, are staying away this time.

But organizers of the summit made clear that they have big plans to advance global governance and “green” policies at the planetary level. “COP25 is the first summit of a new cycle,” boasted Spanish “Minister for the Ecological Transition” Teresa Ribera, who is playing a key role organizing and running the upcoming UN summit.

“We already have a global governance framework: The Paris Agreement and its Rulebook, added last year in Katowice during COP24,” Ribera continued. “In Madrid, global climate negotiations are entering a new phase, with a focus on reaching more ambitious climate action by everyone, because what we have on the table is nowhere near enough to prevent average temperatures from rising more than 1.5C, let alone 2C.”

Of course, the notion that paying taxes and allowing the UN to regulate CO2 will have any impact on global temperatures has long been ridiculed by experts. Meteorology Professor Emeritus Richard Lindzen of MIT, for example, has frequently described the fanatical promoters of the man-made warming hypothesis as a “cult” because they refuse to accept evidence. Other top scientists such as Dr. Roy Spencer, a former senior climatologist for NASA, have called them “global warming Nazis,” partly because the policies they advocate would kill millions — especially in poorer countries.

But COP25 organizers insist that the show must go on, and that every person on the planet must get involved. “The important thing in this new phase is to activate action by all levels of government and by all social and economic stakeholders,” Ribera said, adding that “everyone, including governments, regions, cities, and social and economic agents” must be aligned with the embattled UN Paris Agreement. “We cannot delay climate action any longer.... This is what societies are demanding.”

Sounding a bit like the infamous Baghdad Bob, who insisted everything was well with Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime even as U.S. forces closed in, the UN climate bigwig promised the COP25 would “capture the momentum of 2019.” It will also serve as the “spearhead for climate action across all levels of government and all economic and social sectors” as the UN ushers in what she described as a “more inclusive and fair global climate action movement.”

“There is no turning back,” Ribera continued in a long statement sent to reporters covering the upcoming UN summit, even as the U.S. government was in the process of turning back by withdrawing from the UN “climate” agreement signed by Obama in Paris. “Governments must continue with the multilateral agenda to fight climate change: it is their responsibility to present and future generations, despite the temptations of some stakeholders to slow down this unstoppable process.”

Ribera also touted the Spanish government's submission to the UN's “global governance framework” through what she described as the “Spanish Green New Deal.” In recent months, seizing on the American term, the UN has openly been calling for a "Global “Green New Deal,” too. UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) boss Mukhisa Kituyi said: “meeting the financing demands of the Agenda 2030 requires rebuilding multilateralism around the idea of a Global Green New Deal.”

With older generations — especially in America — still highly skeptical of the man-made global-warming hypothesis, another important topic on the agenda of the COP25 will be “education.” After all, the UN has long made clear that education will be “indispensable” to changing people's atttitudes, as the UN Agenda 21 puts it. Ribera, meanwhile, said “education” would be “fundamental for success” of the UN's climate summit and the broader agenda.

Part of the hype surrounding COP25 involves a rebranding. After the global-cooling predictions of the 1970s and 1980s failed to materialize, globalists decided to push a “global warming” narrative instead. When decades passed without any significant warming, debunking all of the UN's “climate models” and predictions, “climate change” became the new term of choice.

But now, globalists and man-made-warming believers say new terminology is needed, because “climate change” is not giving people the urgency needed to stampede into a UN-run “climate” regime. And so now, the UN and its supporters have started using even more alarmist terms such as “climate emergency,” “climate collapse,” and “global meltdown.”

The UN's “climate” summit was moved from Chile after communists and their useful idiots, reportedly with help, guidance, and support from the murderous regimes enslaving Venezuela and Cuba, began terrorizing that nation. Ironically, more than a few analysts linked the Chilean government's “climate” policies to the unrest, noting that “green energy” mandates were responsible for the public-transportation rate hikes that served as the catalyst for the riots. The government of Chile will lead the COP25, taking over from Polish authorities. 

There is other bad news for the man-made warming alarmsists, too. Far-left Democrat U.S. senators, who typically attend the UN's “climate” summits to signal U.S. government support, will be staying home this year, according to media reports. Instead, they will be sending some “aides” to “report back” on what happens.

“If we had a break, I would think about going, especially if there were other senators,” whined Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, one of the lawmakers who wanted the Obama administration to prosecute skeptics of the warming hypothesis under anti-mafia RICO laws. “We could send a strong message together like we did in Paris.”

Officially, the excuse for not attending is “busyness” on Capitol Hill. But observers speculated that there might be more than that. Last year, in Poland, American Democrat policymakers were there insisting that Trump was merely a temporary roadblock to U.S. support for the UN's climate scheming. After all, he ran on a platform of calling the man-made global-warming hypothesis a “scam” and a “hoax” to help Communist China.

Today, though, even with a few Republican defections to the alarmist camp, it appears as though American public support for the UN's “climate” agenda is slim to non-existent. Even Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah), often described as a Republican In Name Only (RINO), who supports the UN's agenda, admitted that getting anything through Congress would be tough. “Getting the kind of national support, bipartisan support to actually do something is going to be a challenge,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Communist Chinese dictatorship, whose victims emit more CO2 than any other people on the planet, vowed to continue increasing CO2 output until 2030. Other nations such as India will also continue emitting more and more CO2 for the foreseeable future. That will all be good for the planet — after all, plants are starving for more CO2 in the atmosphere. But the fact that the largest CO2 emitters will keep emitting more, as the United States withdraws, will make the UN's schemes much more difficult to advance.

The New American magazine will have a team at COP25 to bring the American people the truth about what is taking place. Stay tuned for more coverage!

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Alex Newman is a foreign correspondent for The New American who has travelled the world reporting on the UN's climate agenda. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through Liberty Sentinel Media. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook.

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