The Bonus March

Written by Steve Byas

Leftists now are following tactics similar to those used by the Communist Party during the 1930s. Too, the goals are the same: to empower the federal government.  

The U.S. national debt is exploding, and the U.S. government and banks are literally creating money out of thin air to keep the country going. This is the very definition of unsound money.

Big Tech Under Fire

Written by William F. Jasper

Its motto used to be “Don’t be evil,” but Google is being hammered — from within and without — for being very evil, with charges of lying, prying, spying, and treason.

Facebook Censorship & Hypocrisy

Written by C. Mitchell Shaw

Facebook and YouTube are penalizing conservatives for not being politically correct, yet not punishing liberals for hate and threats of violence.

Jamestown, Virginia, was the first English foothold in the new world, and the year 1619 featured three events there that changed the path of this country's future.

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