Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Trump's First 100 Days

Written by  Charles Scaliger

Before his term in office started, no one could say for certain what the tempestuous Donald Trump would actually do. To the surprise of many, he has begun keeping his promises.


Within hours of his electoral victory on November 8, President-elect Donald Trump’s many bitter enemies in the politics and the establishment media were vowing to destroy his presidency before it ever got off the ground. Determined to deny Trump the usual “honeymoon period” traditionally accorded to new presidents of both parties, opponents of the brash businessman-turned-politician, including the many servile admirers of his electoral rival, Hillary Clinton, launched a vicious campaign to delegitimize the new president and his “deplorable” supporters. Angry mobs attacked Trump supporters, and hysterical leftists in the media concocted conspiracy theories of Russian complicity. Typical of the unreasoned venom leveled at Trump and his support base was a Tweet from liberal journalist Keith Olbermann, who Tweeted on December 15, “You treacherous Russian whore @realDonaldTrump the White House and all of us have been after you for this for months. And we will get you.”

Never in modern American history has the losing side of a presidential election been so determined from the get-go to destroy an elected president. Every scintilla of Trump’s agenda so far, including his every nominee to every Cabinet position, cihas been bitterly opposed by the Schumer-led Democrats in the Senate. Every word uttered, Tweeted, or written by President Trump has been parsed by his enemies and set forth as evidence of his utter incompetence to occupy the Oval Office. Even his wife and children have been mocked and derided by the liberal Washington establishment. Efforts to impeach President Trump are already under way, although they are not likely to get much traction in a Republican-dominated Congress.


This article appears in the May 22, 2017, issue of The New American. To download the issue and continue reading this story, or to subscribe, click here.


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