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Getting US Out of the UN for Good!

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With United Nations entities and personnel repeatedly demonstrating bad judgment, illegality, and corruption, now is the time for the United States to exit the UN.

The United Nations is out of control. In April, for instance, the world learned that there have been thousands of accusations against United Nations “peacekeeping” troops over the last decade alleging rape and sexual abuse of women and children. Uncovered through an investigation by the Associated Press, the 2,000 accusations — almost none of which resulted in anyone being punished — are just the tip of a massive iceberg of horror, the fruits of an evil organization run by evil forces. The overwhelming majority of the UN’s victims never report the savage crimes, either because they do not know how, or because they fear that the men with guns and blue UN helmets will return and hurt them yet again.

The UN’s well-known and relentless persecution of whistleblowers who expose the crimes of the UN and its leaders, meanwhile, plays a key role in keeping most of the atrocities perpetrated by the UN under wraps. Now, as The New American reported recently in a series of exclusive online articles, two UN bosses are literally trying to have journalists jailed for their factual reporting. In Italy, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and its communist-linked chief have filed a criminal complaint for “defamation” against the Italian Insider newspaper and its editor. Truth is not even necessarily a defense under the arcane fascist-era statute in question. In Switzerland, the UN World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and its boss filed a criminal complaint against a journalist who reported on well-documented charges of corruption, abuse, and nepotism against the outfit’s leader.

But all the persecution and terror in the world cannot silence the truth — that the UN is corrupt to the core, and represents a massive threat to humanity and liberty. With the Internet and the rise of the alternative media, the UN’s bitter fruit is now impossible to conceal from the masses. And yet, despite that truth, the UN agenda marches onward as if nothing was happening.


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Even as its own agents and troops have been exposed as some of the most monstrous predators on the planet, the UN has been rapidly expanding its powers over national governments and humanity as a whole. And they are looking to step up that process. Especially in recent years, the UN and its top leaders have increasingly been acting as self-appointed world rulers, leaders of a wannabe global government with usurped power over every facet of life. Most recently, for example, the UN “Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health,” Dainius Puras, wrote the Trump administration a letter claiming that repealing Obama­Care would violate “international law.” He cited, among other sources of this global “law,” a UN agreement that the U.S. government has never even ratified. In June of 2016, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein claimed that the U.S. government has an “obligation” under  “international law” to impose “robust gun control” on the American people.

Indeed, top UN officials have become increasingly bold in portraying themselves as a world government. Recently departed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, for example, repeatedly referred to the UN as the “Parliament of Humanity” amid the organization’s 70th anniversary festivities. The motto for the occasion: “Stronger UN. Better World.” And to guide the global “Parliament of Humanity,” as Ban referred to it, is what Ban and other top UN officials labeled the new global “Declaration of Interdependence,” more commonly known as UN Agenda 2030 or the Sustainable Development Goals — essentially a road-map to global totalitarianism.

Get U.S. Out! Restore American Sovereignty


This article appears in the May 22, 2017, issue of The New American. To download the issue and continue reading this story, or to subscribe, click here.


Of course, Americans do not have to put up with the growing deluge of abuse from the UN and its largely autocratic member regimes. The movement to “Get U.S. Out of the United Nations,” started by The John Birch Society long before most Americans realized what the UN represented, has been around for generations. But rarely, if ever, has there been such an incredible opportunity to actually get it done. With the UN under fire from all sides amid the escalating scandals and surging outrage in Congress, Americans have a historic chance to set the globalist agenda for “global governance” back by decades or more. In one fell swoop, generations of establishment scheming — and especially the surrendering of U.S. sovereignty to global institutions — could be reversed.

At times, President Donald Trump and some of those close to him have sounded very supportive of the effort to restore U.S. sovereignty and clip the UN’s wings. But to make an American exit from the UN a reality, the movement for an American exit (“Amexit”) from the UN must kick into overdrive, and false solutions such as “replacing” it with a new globalist organization must be avoided (see article on page 18).

On January 3, amid growing outrage on both sides of the aisle surrounding the UN’s recent activities, legislation to get the U.S. government out of the UN and evict the scandal-plagued global body from the United States was re-introduced in the new Congress. If approved, H.R.193, better known as the “American Sovereignty Restoration Act,” would end U.S. participation in and funding of the widely ridiculed “dictators club,” while protecting American sovereignty and self-government under the Constitution.

The bill was introduced in the 115th Congress by Representative Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) and a coalition of liberty-minded lawmakers. Cosponsors as of early May include Representatives Walter Jones (R-N.C.), Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), Jason Smith (R-Mo.), Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), John Duncan (R-Tenn.), Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), Raul Labrador (R-Idaho), and Alexander Mooney (R-W.V.). While the legislation currently has eight cosponsors, a number of lawmakers across America currently on the fence have expressed interest, and may just need a slight nudge to give in to the growing public pressure.

“The UN has attempted a number of actions which aimed to encroach on the rights granted to U.S. citizens under our Constitution,” said Representative Rogers, whose first act in the new Congress was to re-introduce the bill. “Most recently, the UN Security Council sided with Palestine and passed a resolution condemning Israel’s settlements in Jerusalem. Attacks against one of the United States’ greatest allies are just the most recent chapter in the UN’s dangerous agenda. I believe our involvement in the UN is a waste of taxpayer dollars.”

If approved, the most important facet of the legislation would repeal the UN Participation Act of 1945, the statute purporting to authorize U.S. involvement in the UN. With that statute repealed, H.R. 193 would shutter the U.S. government’s missions to the outfit. The bill would also “terminate all membership by the United States in the United Nations, and in any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations.” That specifically includes UNESCO, which President Ronald Reagan withdrew from, along with the UN World Health Organization (WHO), the UN Environment Program (UNEP), the UN’s dictator-controlled “Human Rights Council,” and more. It would end all U.S. involvement in all UN conventions and agreements, too.

The proposed law, introduced in Congress for decades by former Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) and other patriotic lawmakers, would also end all funding to the UN and all of its agencies — with the estimated savings to U.S. taxpayers reaching as high as $10 billion per year, and potentially even more. The legislation prohibits all U.S. military involvement in UN “peacekeeping” schemes, too, creating a ban on U.S. troops serving under UN command. The American taxpayer currently pays almost a third of the UN’s military budget. So in addition to the cost savings, the loss of U.S. funding should help protect the countless victims of UN troops from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Americas.

The bill would evict the UN and its spy- and dictator-infested headquarters from U.S. soil, and would ban any use of American government facilities by the global outfit, while stripping UN bureaucrats and dignitaries of the diplomatic immunity that has become synonymous among critics with the total impunity and lawlessness that pervades the organization.

Support for Amexit Growing in Congress and Among Grassroots

Support for the effort to withdraw from the UN is spreading among real conservatives and constitutionalists. One of the political heavyweights to openly champion the idea is former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who had dinner at the White House on April 19 with President Trump. While she was never known for her globalism, her anti-UN, pro-Amexit comments made right after the historic Brexit vote to ditch the EU were highly significant and gained widespread attention across the United States and even beyond.

Among grassroots organizations and the conservative movement, those sentiments are becoming increasingly widespread, too. The enormously influential Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), which has hundreds of thousands of members and wields tremendous influence in Congress and in state legislatures, posted a brief last summer that was strongly supportive of the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. “This would protect families from the threat of far-reaching international domestic policy mandates,” the group’s deputy director of federal relations explained. “United States’ participation in UN domestic policy has become increasingly dangerous to homeschool freedom in recent years.”

In Congress, meanwhile, many of the most prominent liberty-minded legislators have also signed on to the effort to ditch the UN. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), for example, said during his 2016 presidential campaign that he would even like to see the UN dismantled. “I dislike paying for something that two-bit Third World countries with no freedom [use to] attack us and complain about the United States,” explained the popular pro-liberty senator, the son of liberty icon and former Congressman Ron Paul, who led the charge for an Amexit in Congress during his long career as an undefeated constitutionalist lawmaker. “There’s a lot of reasons why I don’t like the UN, and I think I’d be happy to dissolve it.” Indeed, dissolving the UN is exactly what sources within the system say is needed.

Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), among the most constitutional lawmakers as measured on The New American magazine’s Freedom Index, is a cosponsor of H.R. 193 and has been vocally promoting it online and in media appearances. At his website, ThomasMassie.com, the very first post urges visitors to sign their name on a petition to support an American exit from the UN. “United Nations membership includes third-world dictators and as a member of the UN, we bind our citizens to decisions made by undemocratic countries,” he explains. “Our constitution should always be the supreme law of the land.”

After explaining what the American Sovereignty Restoration Act would do, Massie highlights more reasons why it is needed. “The United Nations also costs our country billions of dollars and I believe we should bring those tax dollars back to America,” he said. “In addition, the UN presents a real threat to our 2nd Amendment rights, most obviously in their push for the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). This treaty encourages members to set up national record keeping requirements for those with firearms and pushes members to share these lists with other member countries.”

In a radio interview shortly after Brexit, Massie offered even more compelling reasons why the U.S. government should pursue an “Amexit” and sever its entangling alliances with the global body. “Who would be crazy enough to stay in the United Nations and pay the most for their funding while it’s attended by Third World dictators who are writing rules and regulations that are supposed to bind our country?” asked the lawmaker, adding that more than half of the UN’s member regimes — North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Cuba, and Venezuela, for instance — remain unfree and oppressive. “Stalin was a founding member of the United Nations.”

The liberty-minded Kentucky congressman went on to systematically debunk the UN’s raison d’etre (reason for being), as well as the arguments for continued American membership. Addressing the U.S. government’s veto, Massie pointed out that the regimes in China and Russia also hold a veto. On the notion that the UN prevents war, Massie noted that they failed miserably, and that, if anything, it is the existence of nuclear weapons that has prevented another round of world war. And finally, on the ruse that the UN would help uphold its perverted vision of “human rights” — a vision that is entirely incompatible with American traditions of God-given, unalienable rights that government exists to protect — Massie sounded flabbergasted. “Look at the membership of this organization!” he declared, adding that the world’s most vicious abusers of human rights are leading UN member states.

Defunding the Monster

Massie noted that support in Congress for reining in the UN was already strong and growing stronger. “When it did come to a vote we came just 70 votes short of cutting funding for the United Nations, and 70 votes is not a lot,” he said in the radio interview. “You know, you flip 35 votes and it’s passed, out of 435. I think there will be more attention paid to it as time goes on, I think we’re going to pick up momentum.” Indeed, polls show Americans are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the controversial global body, even in the face of an establishment media that generally conceals the truth about the UN. Massie called on Americans to continue pressuring their members of Congress to get on board.

UN and federal estimates suggest that American taxpayers pay more than $10 billion per year to support the UN system and all of its tentacles, including the scandal-plagued “peacekeeping” forces that have become infamous around the world for raping and sexually exploiting children. That means the United States, which is constantly being demonized and attacked for its freedoms by the dictators club, pays more than some 185 other nations — combined. In exchange, the United States is constantly attacked by the UN for its constitutional protections.

While an Amexit is the ultimate goal of lawmakers such as Massie and countless patriots across America, the idea of defunding the UN has been surging in popularity in recent years — and especially since December 23 of 2016. That is the day when the UN Security Council voted to declare the existence of Jews in East Jerusalem and the West Bank (known to Jews and in the Bible as Judea and Samaria) a supposed “flagrant violation” of “international law.” Aside from the Obama administration, which abstained from the vote but reportedly played a role in orchestrating it, every one of the permanent and term members of the UN body voted in favor of the scheme, known as Resolution 2334.

Around the Islamic world and beyond, the UN vote was hailed as a great victory. But in Washington, D.C., the outrage against the UN ranged from Left to Right, establishment to anti-establishment, glob­alist to patriotic, and everywhere in between. Right away, Republicans and Democrats declared the vote to be unacceptable, and vowed to cut off funding to the UN. Even globalist ultra-far-left U.S. lawmakers slammed the UN scheme, with Congressman Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) blasting it as “a one-sided, biased resolution,” and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) slamming the UN as a “fervently anti-Israel body” that has been that way since it declared Zionism to be racism.

Republicans were even more furious at the UN vote. Perhaps most vocal was conservative Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who right away announced an effort to cut all U.S. funding to the UN unless and until the anti-Israel vote was undone. On social media, he said: “No US $ for UN until reversed.” “I believe Congress should end U.S. taxpayer funding for the United Nations unless and until the UN reverses this anti-Israel resolution, and I believe there will be considerable support in Congress, I hope in both parties, to do exactly that,” noted Cruz, adding that the push would come “soon, very soon.”

Even neocon globalist and reliable establishment figure Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who chairs the Senate appropriations subcommittee for the State Department and foreign operations, vowed to push for Congress to stop funding the UN. “The UN has made it impossible for us to continue with business as usual,” said Graham, who practically never met a globalist UN program or illegal UN-backed war that he did not want to squander your money and even your children’s lives on. “Almost every Republican will feel like this is a betrayal of Israel and the only response that we have is the power of [the] purse.”

Outside of Congress, the conservative policy and media machine never sounded more rabidly anti-UN than after the vote, with countless prominent voices — including many associated with the establishment — calling for defunding the dictators club. David Greenfield at FrontPage Magazine listed a broad range of UN crimes, abuses, and horrors before saying that “we and every sane country” should have defunded the UN decades ago. “If you give money to the U.N., it will end up anywhere and everywhere except where it’s supposed to go,” he continued. “But defunding the U.N. isn’t enough. There is no reason for us to remain there at all.” Greenfield called for the U.S. government to first defund, and then withdraw from the UN.

Even some dyed-in-the-wool neocons and establishment loyalists called for taking serious action against the rogue international body. Columnist and establishment talking head Charles Krauthammer, for example, a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations that has been instrumental in surrendering U.S. sovereignty for generations, suggested on Fox News’ Special Report that Trump should turn UN headquarters in New York City into condos.

Trump and Prospects for Amexit/Defunding

Realistically, in terms of getting the UN defunded in the coming years, or more importantly, securing an American exit from it, a lot will depend on President Trump and what he says and does. And so far, Trump has been all over the map when it comes to the UN — which could be a good or a bad sign. On the campaign trail, Trump was incredibly hostile to the UN, illustrating the fact that it is entirely possible to win a national campaign for the highest elected office in the land while slamming the UN and standing firmly against globalism.

On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly hammered the UN as well as the globalist ideology underpinning it harder than any candidate in recent memory. “The United Nations is not a friend of democracy, it’s not a friend to freedom, it’s not a friend even to the United States of America, where as all know, it has its home,” the real-estate mogul told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Earlier in the campaign, Trump ridiculed the UN as a “political game,” calling for “smaller numbers,” presumably a reference to downsizing the globalist organization. He also vowed to “cancel” the UN Paris Agreement on “climate,” which as of early May had still not taken place but which news reports suggested may be in the works.

Even after winning, Trump, whose campaign was equated with ISIS by the UN’s top “human rights” bureaucrat, lambasted the UN. “When do you see the United Nations solving problems? They don’t. They cause problems,” then-President-elect Trump declared following the controversial UN Security Council vote condemning the presence of Jewish settlements in lands the UN and its member regimes believe should be free of Jews. And for quite some time, it appeared clear that Trump was leaning in the direction of hostility toward the UN.

And upon taking office, top Trump administration officials, along with leaks on policy proposals, suggested Trump was indeed serious about taking on the UN. On January 25, the New York Times reported on a set of draft executive orders that would have drastically reduced the U.S. government’s role at the UN and other international organizations. One of the orders also would have required a review of sovereignty-stealing UN treaties, with a view toward restoring self-government in various policy areas and saving U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars.

Unfortunately, months after the initial reports, neither of those executive orders ever materialized. It was not immediately clear whether they had been scrapped or were still under consideration. But in mid-March, there was some potentially encouraging news when the globalist-minded Foreign Policy journal reported that Trump was seeking to slash U.S. funding for the UN by at least 50 percent. Citing administration officials, the report said the U.S. State Department had been ordered to identify the UN agencies and programs that would be cut. Multiple bureaucracies were expected to lose all their funding.

But true to their well-known globalist allegiances, top GOP leaders in Congress warned that they would not accept the cuts. And so far, nothing concrete has been accomplished on that front, with the exception of cutting U.S. funds to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), a UN agency known for perpetrating atrocities and abuses in its fanatical zeal for reducing the number of humans on the planet.

Trump Waffling on UN?

Since then, Trump has also sent worrying signals that he may be rethinking his opposition to the UN and globalism. In a bizarre reversal that took many analysts on all sides of the spectrum by surprise, Trump hosted a gathering of UN Security Council ambassadors at the White House on April 24 and struck a dramatically different tone on the UN. Among other ideas, Trump suggested that the UN should be further empowered, in a bid to “solve” world problems ranging from Syria and North Korea to humanitarian crises and more.

“The status quo in North Korea is also unacceptable,” Trump told the UN Security Council ambassadors representing the 15 governments and dictatorships — including some close allies of the North Korean dictator — at the White House meeting. “The Council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sanctions on North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile programs.... This is a real threat to the world, whether we want to talk about it or not. North Korea is a big world problem and it’s a problem that we have to finally solve.”

“I also want to say to you that I have long felt the United Nations is an underperformer but has tremendous potential,” Trump told the attendees, after warning during the campaign of a globalist “cabal” with “international bankers” seeking what he called “global government” for humanity.

The implication of Trump’s comments was clear: The UN should be “taking on” even more real and imagined problems than it currently does. “It hasn’t lived up to the potential,” Trump continued, outlining a vision of a radically expanded UN. “I see a day when there’s a conflict where the United Nations, you get together, and you solve the conflict. You just don’t see the United Nations, like, solving conflicts. I think that’s going to start happening now. I can see it. And the United Nations will get together and solve conflicts. It won’t be two countries, it will be the United Nations mediating or arbitrating with those countries.”

“So I see fantastic potential and fantastic things ahead for the United Nations,” the president added, noting that even his concerns over costs would fade away if the UN did a “great job” allegedly solving world problems. “As we look around the world, it’s clear that there is much work for you to achieve. You’re going to be very busy people, I suspect, over these coming months and years.”

Obviously, that is not what many Trump supporters thought they were voting for when they cast their ballot for the man who promised that “Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo.” But it seems possible that the globalist strategy of duping Trump into supporting the UN — outlined by CFR “Global Governance” boss Stewart M. Patrick — may have worked. Basically, Patrick and his CFR cohorts proposed that the socialist UN Secretary-General António Guterres try to hoodwink Trump into believing that the dictators club could be used by the Trump administration to “get things done.” Citing the George W. Bush administration, Patrick claimed that “this message could resonate with Donald Trump.” And indeed, it may have, at least if Trump’s recent comments are any guide.

Some Trump apologists floated the idea that the president may have simply been making the globalist comments as a negotiating tool, or as a means of showing the world how useless the UN is when it comes to solving actual problems. But whether that is the case remains to be seen. It would hardly be surprising to have Trump come out swinging against the UN in the months and years ahead.

Amexit to “Get U.S. Out” Is the Right Prescription

With the UN becoming variously a laughingstock or a pariah among civilized people who know the facts, in addition to the efforts to “replace” the UN (see page 18), many are calling for it to be “reformed” instead. Countless schemes to “reform” the global body have been pushed, some minor, some drastic. But Art Thompson, the CEO of The John Birch Society, explained that reform is not a realistic option to protect humanity from the UN’s totalitarian global agenda.

“How does one reform an organization started at the beginning by communists from the Soviet Union and America?” asked Thompson, noting that it was Soviet spy Alger Hiss who headed the American delegation and eventually served as secretary-general of the founding UN summit that drafted the UN Charter. “The UN was set up to control the world in a powerful, centralized government, not to ensure peace — except for the select few who want to rule the world.”

Plus, the UN’s roster of member regimes — significantly less than half of which are classified as “free,” even by the establishment’s own institutions — makes reform in a positive direction impossible anyway. “How can we possibly work within the UN if the vast majority of UN member nations are corrupt socialist states?” asked Thompson. “They have used all manner of ruses to keep us involved and financing the UN. It is simply time to get us out and get the UN out of the United States and allow the American people to manage their own affairs.”

Indeed, while defunding the UN may be a good interim step on the road to full withdrawal, helping to neutralize the dictators club and the havoc it can wreak, that is not enough. Cutting funds for the UN is no substitute for a complete Amexit from the increasingly totalitarian global outfit. “Reform” is simply a counterproductive effort that gives legitimacy to the UN. For liberty and self-government to survive over the long haul, the UN and its globalist agenda must be stopped completely. Neither reform nor replace nor defund will be enough to stop the globalist march toward global governance — only withdrawal will do the job.

There is a lot that Americans can do to help bring about a U.S. withdrawal. Meeting with members of Congress to educate them on this issue is crucial. Educating their constituents on the threat is just as important. Last Congress, establishment operatives on the House Foreign Affairs Committee were able to keep the American Sovereignty Restoration Act from moving. This time, with anti-UN sentiment spreading quickly, that may be more difficult — at least if Americans keep the pressure on and the UN keeps behaving like a criminal syndicate turned global government.

At the state and local level, Americans can do a lot of important work neutralizing the threat of the UN as well. Lawmakers in Alabama, for example, unanimously passed a law banning UN Agenda 21 and its implementation at the state or local level. If many more state and local governments across America were to follow Alabama’s lead in rejecting UN schemes, it would send a powerful signal to members of Congress and the UN that globalism and UN meddling will no longer be tolerated. Plus, such measures help protect states and local communities from the destructive, anti-liberty policies that have their genesis in the globalist agenda pushed by the UN.

The fight to save liberty and self-government from the UN will not be easy. But after almost 60 years of the JBS working to educate Americans on the danger of the UN, much of the public — especially among activists and educated voters — understands the threat and what must be done about it. Americans right now have the best opportunity in generations to Get the United States out of the UN and the UN out of the United States. It will take hard work and a great deal of effort. But setting the globalist establishment back by decades while preserving American freedom and independence is well worth the price.

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