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Paris: “We’re Still In!”— WHY?

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“We are still in! We are still in!” That was the chant of U.S. protesters at the recently concluded United Nations climate conference in Bonn, Germany. “We Are Still In!” signs dominated the unofficial U.S. climate pavilion at Bonn, paid for by billionaire globalist — and former New York City mayor — Michael Bloomberg (shown). Bloomberg, former Vice President Al Gore, and California Governor Jerry Brown were some of the celebrity stars of a noisy coalition called America’s Pledge that came to Bonn proclaiming “We are still in” the UN’s Paris climate accord, regardless of President Donald Trump’s announced decision to take the United States out of the disastrous and unconstitutional agreement.

Amy Goodman, host of the ultra-left-wing Democracy Now! Internet-television-radio program, broadcast a series of live episodes from Bonn, including a November 13 segment entitled “‘We are Still In’: Sen. Markey & U.S. Lawmakers Stage Anti-Trump Revolt at UN Climate Talks in Bonn.” Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.) told Goodman’s audience, “We’re here to tell the world that Donald Trump does not represent the majority view in our country, that overwhelmingly people do believe that the planet is dangerously warming and that human activity is causing it and that we have to do something about it.”

Bloomberg demanded “a seat at the table” in the UN negotiations. “This coalition represents more than half of the US economy,” he declared. “In other words, a group of citizens, states and businesses who remain committed to the Paris agreement represent a bigger economy than any country in the world, outside the US and China. We should have a seat at the table and the ability to work with our peers in other nations. That is the aim of our pavilion.”

One could be tempted to dismiss all of this posturing as simply more sour grapes and vain political theater by the “Never Trump” forces that will have no practical effect. That would be a huge mistake, and not only because of the enormous funding behind the climate activists from the Bloomberg-Soros Billionaires Club. The real danger comes from within the Trump administration. Despite President Trump’s announced withdrawal from the Paris Accord — and the vehement condemnations he has received from the globalist choir for doing so — we are still in. In this much, at least, the Bloomberg-Brown-Markey crowd is correct. The real question is: Why are we still in?

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On June 1, President Trump announced that “as of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the non-binding Paris Accord and the draconian financial and economic burdens the agreement imposes on our country.” Hooray! Huzzah! That was very welcome news indeed, fulfilling one of his signal campaign promises. But as we have pointed out in The New American, the Trump “withdrawal” was far from adequate.

In an op-ed for Forbes magazine on November 19 entitled “It Looks Like the U.S. May Never Leave the Paris Climate Accord,” Dave Keating writes, “Donald Trump may have vowed to take the United States out of the Paris climate accord, but you wouldn’t have known it based on the words of the negotiators he sent to the summit in Bonn to hammer out the rules of the agreement.” Keating quotes Judith Garber, the U.S. acting assistant secretary of state for international environmental and scientific affairs (and the lead U.S. negotiator at Bonn), stating, among other things, “Although [President Trump] indicated that the United States intends to withdraw at the earliest opportunity, we remain open to the possibility of rejoining at a later date under terms more favorable to the American people.” Garber, a holdover from the Obama-Clinton State Department, is but one of many climate activists populating the federal bureaucracy.

“By the end of the summit,” noted Keating, “many were beginning to suspect that this will not be a question of re-joining. The U.S. may never leave in the first place.” “When Donald Trump announced his decision in June,” Keating writes, “observers noted that out of several options to take the U.S. out of the accord, he chose the one that would take the longest. He could have declared Barack Obama’s decision to not put the agreement to the U.S. Congress (by not deeming it a ‘treaty’) to have been invalid. The Congress could have then rejected the agreement, taking the US out right away.”

“Instead,” Keating continued, “the Trump administration chose to go through the official process of withdrawal, which takes more than three years. The ‘earliest opportunity’ referred to by Garber just happens to be the day after the next U.S. presidential election in 2020. In the mean time, the US will continue sending delegates to take their seat at the table, ‘in order to ensure a level playing field that benefits and protects U.S. interests,’ according to a State Department official.”

The UN Paris Accord is not only a looming danger to the U.S. economy, as President Trump rightly noted, but a real threat to our national sovereignty as well. It is time for Americans who voted for Trump to tell the president and their senators and representatives that they want America out — really, truly, completely out — of the UN Paris Trap.

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