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Exposing the Deep State

Written by  Arthur R. Thompson

This is the final installment in a special report about the Deep State:

If you have read the articles assembled in this special report exposing the Deep State, then the prospects for being able to loosen this shadow government’s stranglehold over our government may seem daunting, if not impossible. After all, as the foregoing articles document, the Deep State wields immense influence spanning the two major political parties and different presidential administrations. Nor is this influence confined to government and politics (the main focus of this special report). The Deep State behind the Deep State — oftentimes referred to by other names such as the establishment or the swamp or the power elites — also exercises behind-the-scenes control in other areas of human endeavor, from big media and big business to academe and entertainment.

Draining the swamp will not be easy. Yet, it can be done!

For one thing, despite the influence and power of the swamp creatures lurking in the shadows of power, they and their subversive schemes cannot withstand the light of day. One reason why we know this is because they have to hide and obscure the true nature of their agenda from the American people in order to succeed. After all, if they were candidly to admit that they are working to consolidate political and economic power on a global scale, and to submerge the United States into a global government controlled by themselves, they and their schemes would quickly be stymied.

The reason is simple: Most Americans believe in preserving — and in restoring to even brighter luster — both American independence and freedom. And this means they would rise up in mass indignation of and opposition to schemes to diminish or destroy American independence and freedom, if they truly understood what was happening.

Moreover, more and more Americans are waking up to the fact that what is now so commonly referred to as the Deep State does exist, that its interests are not those of the American people, and that it threatens our wonderful country and the freedoms and fruits of liberty that we have been so blessed to be able to exercise and enjoy as Americans. Not only that, many Americans who do not yet recognize the danger on this level are at least aware that something is seriously wrong — that the American dream has over the years become more elusive.

This awakening has been occurring over many years, and because of it candidate Donald Trump’s campaign message to put America first and drain the swamp resonated with American voters, propelling him all the way to the White House. It is, of course, true, as this special report shows, that the swamp has not been drained — or at least not drained nearly to the extent that it needs to be. But it is also true that the Deep State views President Trump as an outsider. The swamp creatures detest him and his message of “America First”, such as (for example) his pronouncements to get out of the Paris climate accord and to protect our borders.

In their zeal to damage and destroy his presidency, the swamp creatures have to some extent taken off the mask. And this, of course, makes it all the less difficult to expose the not-so-hidden design behind America’s retreat from greatness — from the unbridled growth of big government in contravention of our priceless Constitution, to more sovereignty-draining foreign entanglements, to the increasingly transparent attacks on our Judeo-Christian morality and way of life.

The New American magazine is an affiliate of The John Birch Society, which has for almost 60 years worked to create the understanding needed to expose and reverse this retreat and to make America great again. All we need to do is to enlist enough good people into doing something effective to stop them. Not just anything, but engaging in concerted education and action under national leadership, education and action designed to negate the agenda of this cabal — which we dare call a conspiracy.

The reason that The John Birch Society has had a history of being maligned since its founding is that this cabal recognizes the danger of the JBS to its existence and has done all it can to neutralize our efforts. The JBS is the only organization that recognizes the need for a counter-agenda and has worked for decades with some success in delaying this cabal’s complete takeover of American society and government.

The solution is simple: Enough people of character and good will need to become involved — and do so in time — and we can turn the situation around, not simply delay the cabal’s goals. A good place to begin is to share this special report with others, and to ask for their involvement, as well. And the most effective way for you and others to become involved is through The John Birch Society. We therefore invite you to join with us in our epic undertaking.


Arthur R. Thompson is chief executive officer of The John Birch Society.

This article originally appeared in The New American’s  special report about the Deep State. To order the report click here.

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Exposing the Deep State

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