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Trump and the Nationalist-globalist War

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“Since Donald J. Trump’s inauguration a year ago, a war has raged within the White House between ‘nationalists and globalists,’” writes Stewart M. Patrick, in his blog post for January 26 entitled, “Trump at Davos: Nationalism, Globalism, and American Sovereignty.” A nationalist vs. globalist war is indeed raging, as we have been reporting in The New American, and not only in the White House. Patrick, to be sure, is on the side of the globalists. His blog, The Internationalist, is an official propaganda fount for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), where he works as the James H. Binger senior fellow in global governance and director of the International Institutions and Global Governance Program. He is a leading voice for the globalist CFR presidium that has dominated every administration, whether Democrat or Republican, since World War II.

Patrick took umbrage with much of President Trump’s January 26 speech in Davos, Switzerland, to the World Economic Forum, which has long been the annual social gathering of the one-world elites. Like all globalists, he was particularly put off by President Trump’s repeated affirmations of his commitment to national sovereignty. Patrick and his fellow globalists have done their best to discredit nationalism by associating it with “national socialism” (i.e., Nazism, Hitlerism, fascism). However, America’s Founding Fathers were ardent nationalists. They believed in a sovereign United States of America governed by the rule of law — as defined by the U.S. Constitution. They were not isolationists; they believed in trade and relations with all friendly nations. President Trump reaffirmed this vision, noting that “America First does not mean America alone,” and indicating that under his agenda America will remain engaged in the world.  

The CFR’s Patrick also dinged the president for “his explicit endorsement of bilateralism over multilateralism,” his antagonism toward the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, and his “disavowal of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.” The usual internationalist intelligentsia echoed Stewart Patrick’s critique of Trump’s speech.

While President Trump was in Davos, very important dramas in the nationalist-globalist war were unfolding back at home. Among those dramas is the still-unfinished neck-and-neck race between the House Intelligence Committee and the “Trump-Russia collusion” investigation headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The Mueller probe, which is an extension of the “Russia collusion” charge made by the Hillary Clinton campaign, has produced nothing to substantiate the sensational allegations of a treasonous Trump-Putin conspiracy. Nevertheless, as Trump headed to Davos, the Democrats and the Deep State operatives of the establishment media stepped up their clamor for President Trump to submit to interrogation by Mueller.

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At the same time, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee were moving to release a classified four-page memo that had been the subject of heated debate for weeks. The memo, reportedly, outlines evidence of “shocking” surveillance abuses at the Department of Justice under President Obama. The globalists, clearly, are worried that releasing the memo could cause the Mueller investigation to unravel, exposed as the diversionary political “witch hunt” that President Trump claims it to be.

Republican members of the House of Representatives who viewed the memo in a secure room urged that it be made public, insisting that the American people would be outraged by the abuses exposed, and arguing that this is essential to protect against continued threats from unconstitutional government surveillance.

A national #ReleaseTheMemo campaign on Twitter and other social media produced such a storm that congressional Democrats and media globalists have claimed this is further evidence that Putin is interfering to stop the Mueller probe. BuzzFeed featured a story on January 24 entitled “#ReleaseTheMemo Controversy Shows That Bots Now Drive Almost Every Conversation,” which was carried by many other fake news outlets. BuzzFeed, it may be recalled, is the left-wing “news” site that originally published the fake “dossier” story to damage Donald Trump.

BuzzFeed, BusinessInsider, and other reports in the establishment media cited the supposedly authoritative “Russia watchdog project” Hamilton 68 as their source for the claim that Russian bots are responsible for the #ReleaseTheMemo tsunami. Not surprisingly, Hamilton 68 is an operation run by reliable anti-Trump globalists, one of the most prominent being Laura Rosenberg (CFR), director of the German Marshall Fund’s Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD). Both the German Marshall Fund and ASD are CFR adjuncts and full-fledged combatants in the nationalist-globalist war. The globalists intend to remove Trump from the White House — by one means or another. Right now they are trying to discredit the House Intelligence Committee memo to make sure that its release does not derail their most important tool, the Mueller probe/witch hunt.

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