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“March for Our Lives” Lies

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The two most important words used to describe the march against guns in Washington, D.C., were “student led,” implying a grassroots movement. But those words were lies.

From the print edition of The New American

If all you watched was CNN or one of the other left-wing “news” outlets, it would be easy to believe that a spontaneous uprising of courageous children all across America was starting a revolution to protect life from evil gun lobbyists determined to see kids slaughtered. It also would be easy to believe that America has reached a “turning point” on guns and that the Second Amendment will soon be history.

But as usual, the reality is far different than the picture painted by propagandists in the so-called mainstream media. In fact, the “March for Our Lives” movement was the very definition of a phony grassroots operation — often ridiculed as AstroTurf, a term that refers to the artificial grass surfaces found at sporting complexes. The movement was based on a foundation of lies. On the bright side, though, thanks to the Internet and the alternative media, it seems that most Americans are seeing through the fraud.   

In the month of March, following the massacre of 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, there were two high-profile events targeting the Second Amendment. The first, a “National School Walkout” that took place on March 14, involved students walking out of class at schools across America. The second, dubbed “March for Our Lives,” featured marches in Washington, D.C., and hundreds of other cities.    

In both cases, the media presented the protests as “student-led” operations. And in both cases, the media lied. In reality, the events were carefully created and choreographed by powerful front groups for left-wing and globalist billionaires and a battery of activist organizations pushing to “fundamentally transform” America. And in both cases, the media ignored student survivors and family members of victims opposed to gun control. Deception was the common thread running through it all.

National School Walkout

Consider the National School Walkout on March 14. Often encouraged (or even forced) to participate by school officials and teachers, at 10 a.m. local time, students in cities across America got up and walked out of their classrooms. While the true number of participants remains unknown, much of the establishment media could barely contain its glee amid reports of “thousands” or “tens of thousands” of students marching out of their classrooms to protest guns.

“Hey hey, ho ho, gun violence has got to go,” many of the students chanted, with the implication being that the right to keep and bear arms somehow causes “gun violence.” Endless footage was broadcast by the press of children holding up signs demanding that their constitutionally protected rights be further curtailed.

What the media was less anxious to report was that many of the students and their parents were duped into participating in what they believed was an event to honor the victims of the Parkland shooting — not a protest to exploit their tragic deaths to push civilian disarmament. In Appleton, Wisconsin’s public-school system, the school superintendent sent out an e-mail saying that students had the opportunity to join a rally against “school violence,” as if anyone is for school violence. And at least one Appleton middle school held a fire drill to get students to participate. Numerous reports of such trickery emerged across America.

Eagle Forum was one of the high-profile organizations sounding the alarm. “This walkout is about passing more gun control measures; but sadly organizers are trying to mislead students and families to think that this event is simply a time to honor victims,” Eagle Forum President Eunie Smith said in an e-mail to group members. “This walkout is being presented to many Student Government Association leaders and administrators as a 17 minute memorial to the 17 Parkland students who were killed while they were defenseless in their public school.”

But obviously, that is not how the establishment media portrayed it on the day of the events. In fact, more than a few in the left-wing press could barely contain their excitement as they hyped the walkouts supposedly favoring gun control. Some especially outrageous outlets openly supported the walkouts. Media conglomerate Viacom, which owns dozens of TV networks, even paused programming for the 17 minutes of the walkout on all of its networks, including MTV and BET. Other media giants kept the walkout at the top of the headlines all day.

March for Our Lives

Ten days after the national walkout, “March for Our Lives” rallies took place in Washington, D.C., and cities around America and the world, following weeks of promotion in the media. According to the national press, which was masterfully managed by high-priced public-relations firms on behalf of the “children,” “hundreds of thousands” of people supposedly marched on March 24 in “hundreds” of cities. What the press paid less attention to was the fact that some of those marches were held in nations ruled by mass-murdering communist dictatorships that literally massacred their subjects after disarming them.

Phony initial reports at first claimed that some 800,000 people marched in D.C., leading USA Today to speculate that it could be “the biggest single-day protest in D.C.’s history.” Then, the estimated number was reduced to 600,000. Then 500,000. And then, the truth came out. It turns out that the real number of attendees, even at the peak, was no more than about 200,000, according to best estimates cited by CBS News — a number that, knowing CBS, is probably still grossly inflated. And many “protesters” were bused in by billionaire donors.

And even if 200,000 did attend, that was less than half the number expected and touted by organizers and their media allies before the march. And it was less than half the number who came to protest Trump at his inauguration. It was far less than the number who attended Trump’s inauguration to support the president. It was not immediately clear how many might have participated in the small marches held in other cities. What was clear: Massive amounts of trash and filth were left by the marchers across D.C. and beyond. Also clear: Hundreds of armed police officers protected the marchers, in another example of supreme irony.    

Not surprisingly, the media painted a picture of heroic young children “marching for their lives,” pretending that this was a “student-led” event. Critics and historians, though, said publicly that the march was reminiscent of National Socialist (Nazi) Adolf Hitler’s “Youth Parades,” a favorite propaganda gimmick of the murderous anti-gun tyrant who used gun registration records to disarm the public before beginning his mass slaughter.

Making of AstroTurf

What almost all of the media failed to mention in the “reporting” on both events was the metaphorical “man behind the curtain” — or perhaps the 800-pound screaming gorilla that was not even bothering to conceal itself. In fact, at every step of the way, the events were guided by some of America’s most well-funded, powerful organizations, many funded by radical billionaires such as George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. These groups provided money, organization, logistics, public relations, transportation, and much more. Far-left groups such as MoveOn, funded by globalist and self-styled “god” Soros, were even boasting publicly that they were “leading” some of these efforts.

Both the National Walkout and the March for Our Lives were organized largely by the “Women’s March Youth Empower,” part of the extremist “Women’s March” that organized the highly vulgar anti-Trump protests in D.C. last year. Indeed, the group offered a “Toolkit” on how to “Organize Your Walkout.” It provided a map to keep track of the events, a list of “demands” for the “students” to make (including a ban on America’s most popular rifles), sample letters to school officials, access to legal support, PR services to get the events promoted in the press, and much more.  

“Women’s March Youth Empower is calling for a National School Walkout to protest Congress’ refusal to take action on the gun violence epidemic plaguing our schools and neighborhoods,” the far-left outfit said on its website. “Our elected officials must do more than tweet thoughts and prayers in response to this violence.... By choosing to organize an event with Women’s March Youth Empower, you are committing to acting nonviolently, working to de-escalate confrontations with others, and following the instructions of authorized event marshals.”

How firmly the Women’s March controlled the “student” movement was also made clear in official documents ignored by the press. The March for Our Lives permit application for the D.C. protest, for example, was filed by Deena Katz, a professional AstroTurf leader and the co-executive director of the Women’s March. The application even identifies her as the “person in charge” of the event. The fringe activist, who works alongside Islamic Sharia law advocate and fellow Women’s March co-leader Linda Sarsour, is also listed as the president of the “March for Our Lives Fund” in incorporation documents.

Other board members of the AstroTurf “March for Our Lives Action Fund,” according to public records filed in Florida, include Vernette Walker, who is with an outfit known as Board Source that helps “increase the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations.” Another is Jeri Rhodes with the far-left Friends Committee on National Legislation, who was also a former top executive at the ultra-far-left Greenpeace. Other directors include well-connected left-wing political operatives from California, such as Aileen Adams and attorney George Kieffer, chair of UCLA’s Board of Regents. The outfit was incorporated in Delaware. Most of its leaders are from Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; and Chicago. None are students.

Even a brief investigation of the Women’s March running the show would also have turned up more red flags than a Communist Party rally in Beijing. Consider, for instance, the network’s partners, which did much of the work to organ­ize and execute the “student” marches. Among them: the Communist Party USA — long a tentacle of the regime that enslaved the Soviet Union and was responsible for the slaughter of at least 100 million people worldwide. From promoting the marches through its members and publications, to providing know-how and organizers, the CPUSA’s influence was massive. The Democratic Socialists of America, the nation’s largest Marxist group, was also a partner.

Planned Parenthood, which butchered hundreds of thousands of pre-born children just last year, is one of only two “Premier Partners” and the only publicly listed “Exclusive Premier Sponsor.” The precise nature of the relationship was not made clear by either the Women’s March or Planned Parenthood, but it seems that the tax-funded abortion giant is one of the lead financiers of the operation. The most recent omnibus passed by the Republican-controlled Congress and signed by President Trump includes another $500 million for the abortion and lobbying group, indicating that taxpayers may have been forced to fund protests against their gun rights. Numerous other abortion and homosexual groups were also “partners.”

At least a half-dozen Islamic groups are listed as partners as well, including the Muslim Community Network, the Muslim Women’s Alliance, and the Muslim Women’s Organization. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood that was linked to terrorist group Hamas in court documents, was also a partner, along with some of its state and local affiliates. A broad range of other totalitarian, communist, extremist, and murderous organizations partner with the Women’s March network, too.

Also among the Women’s March partners are more than 100 organizations that, combined, have received more than a quarter of a billion dollars from globalist Soros and his Open Society Foundations. The list includes the Center for Reproductive Rights,, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Center for American Progress, People for the American Way, the ACLU, Human Rights Watch, and other far-left organizations. And yet, the media was nowhere to be found in exposing information that is publicly available on the Women’s March website. Instead, the Associated Press published a “fact check” ludicrously claiming Soros supports the marches but was not funding them — as if $250 million in 12 years for the groups behind it did not constitute funding. Other far-left “fact checkers” also sought to deny the obvious.    

Soros’ even boasted on its website about its role: “MoveOn members are mobilizing for the March for Our Lives on March 24, in D.C. and around the country…. MoveOn members around the country will be joining the events, and we’ll be asking MoveOn members to step up and be among organizers for local marches and actions that are looking for leaders.” In other words, despite the “fake news” pushed by the establishment media, well-trained left-wing activists bankrolled by Soros were literally bragging that they — and not students — were leading the “student-led” marches. Somehow America’s self-proclaimed “fact checkers” managed to miss that.    

To understand the significance of the massive Soros funding and influence, it helps to know more about the billionaire often called “Dr. Evil.” Consider that Soros has said publicly that Communist China, which has murdered more people than any government in history, has a “better functioning government than the United States.” The radical billionaire, who said on national TV he felt no guilt for taking part in helping Nazis seize Jewish property as a youngster, has also argued publicly that the regime ruling China should “own” what he called the “New World Order.” And like the murderous Chinese regime, which used Parkland to openly advocate the disarmament of Americans under the guise of “human rights,” Soros is a leading supporter of more infringements on the right to keep and bear arms.  

The phoniness of the “student-led” narrative became especially clear in the days before the march. A representative of the establishment-funded anti-gun group known as the Giffords Foundation was actually caught on tape at a school in Broward County, Florida, coaching the “student leaders” of the march on their “talking points.” She also let them know that airfare to go to D.C. was donated by Southwest Airlines, that social-media accounts were being set up by professionals for the march, that professional PR services were working “media relations,” and more.

The anti-gun foundation “has not only arranged an unbelievable itinerary for us, but they’ve got medical support, there’s security, there’s counseling, there’s media relations, pretty much everything that they could think of, they have arranged for us,” the representative was caught saying. The leaked audio proved that not only was the rally not “student led,” but that the youth were being exploited as window dressing and props to conceal the truth about the real forces behind the scenes. Indeed, the representative told the media in attendance to “pretend like you’re not hearing this,” a request they were more than happy to comply with.     

Everytown for Gun Safety, the anti-gun front group for totalitarian-minded former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, supplied “operational and logistical resources” for rallies in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, New Orleans, and other major cities, the group admitted. The group paid to bus activists willing to oppose guns to D.C. from major cities across America. And it also provided $1 million worth of “grants” to over 200 “local organizers,” many of them seasoned communist and socialist activists. Through Craigslist, potential attendees were being offered money to cover meals and travel expenses.

Aside from Soros and Bloomberg, other establishment elitists also showered money on the scheme. Some of those known publicly — the “March for Our Lives Action Fund” is a 501(c)(4), meaning it does not have to disclose donors — include left-wing Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and crony capitalist Eli Broad, both of whom pledged $1 million. TV personality and globalist Oprah Winfrey gave half a million, as did movie producer Steven Spielberg, actor George Clooney, and author Stephen King, along with a barrage of other liberal Hollywood figures. Gucci, the fashion label that recently featured its models carrying severed heads down the runway, put up half a million, too. New England Patriots CEO Robert Kraft offered the team’s private jet to fly activists to Washington.

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Last but certainly not least: Big Labor is pushing disarmament, too. The American Federation of Teachers, one of two radical left-wing unions that purport to speak for educators, has reportedly played a key role in advancing the “student” movement. Indeed, according to news reports, the AFT even bused children to Florida’s Capitol so they could lobby politicians to violate their oaths of office to support the state and U.S. constitutions, both of which enshrine the pre-existing human right to keep and bear arms. The AFT and the National Education Association, America’s two largest teachers unions, are listed as partners with the “Women’s March” as well.

Despite all of the evidence being readily available, most of the establishment press continued to parrot the objectively false assertion that this was a “student-led” operation. The far-left Washington Post called it an “anti-gun-violence rally organized by students.” ABC News claimed the march was “spearheaded by the survivors.” The L.A. Times lied when it claimed the “student-led” march aimed to stop gun violence. CNN claimed, “The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School led a historic march for gun control.” In reality, the students were mostly there as props, and the media knew the truth all along. The leaked audio from the Giffords Foundation was available online days before the march.  

Ironically, these same shadowy groups have the nerve to accuse the National Rifle Association of being a “lobbying group” for the “gun industry.” In reality, the NRA has millions of grassroots members — numbers that dwarf the supposed “hundreds of thousands” of agitators organized and funded by globalist billionaires and fringe leftists. And millions more gun owners refuse to join the NRA because it often compromises on gun rights.

The Child Props

A handful of youth served primarily as props and window dressing to conceal the gorilla behind the curtain, but their words and actions revealed the real agenda. No single student has become more infamous than David Hogg, who was paraded across American TV screens for weeks on end as the foul-mouthed supposed spokesman for the next generation.

“Today we are going to start a revolution,” Hogg claimed on ABC News, obviously reading from a script but echoing “revolution” comments he had been making for weeks. “Today is the beginning of that revolution.” Speaking to the marchers in D.C. from the podium shortly before raising his clenched fist in a salute typically associated with communists (but widely compared with the Hitler Youth on social media), he added: “If you listen real close, you can hear the people in power shaking.” Of course, the people in power were behind the march.

Ironically, a growing body of evidence suggests that Hogg has been serving as a puppet for his radical activist mother, Rebecca Boldrick. Big League Politics reported on a tweet sent out from Hogg’s Twitter account that tags Facebook to ask that they remove a fake account posted in Hogg’s name. But the screenshot of the Facebook page shows Boldrick is logged in, not Hogg. “Now it appears likely that Hogg’s mother has a much larger influence over the actions of the gun control activist’s public presence,” the online news service reported. “This also opens up the question of whether or not Boldrick is simply using her son’s newfound fame to promote her liberal agenda.” Hogg’s father, meanwhile, is a former FBI agent, and with the nation wondering how the FBI and local law enforcement could fail so catastrophically after being repeatedly warned about the man charged with the Florida shooting, it sure helps to change the subject to “guns.”

Broward County high-school student Emilie Smith, who also received widespread attention for supporting gun control, admitted on Twitter to deleting her posts “because my team asked me to.” No additional details on her “team” were provided.

Another student who made headlines was the self-described bisexual Emma Gonzalez, who runs the “Gay-Straight Alliance” at Parkland and claimed to be speaking for the victims and their families, despite some of those individuals asking her to stop. Sporting a shaved head and wearing a Cuban flag on her sleeve, which anti-communist Cuban-Americans said was pro-communist considering the olive green jacket she was wearing, Gonzalez stood silently at the podium at the Washington rally for six minutes and 20 seconds. That was the amount of time the slaughter at Parkland was able to proceed unhindered due to “gun-free school zone” policies and the cowardice of a sheriff’s deputy who waited outside.  

Also trotted out was Martin Luther King’s nine-year-old granddaughter. “My grandfather had a dream that his four little children would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” she said in a reference to her grandfather’s speech. “I have a dream that enough is enough. That this should be a gun-free world. Period.” The media loved it, obviously. Nobody in the press thought to ask whether Americans should be getting public-policy advice from a second- or third-grader whose only qualification is being related to a famous person.

Perhaps sensing that people were catching on to the scam, Naomi Wadler, an 11-year-old student, insisted that she was not AstroTurf. “People have said that I am too young to have these thoughts on my own,” she told the D.C. march. “People have said that I am a tool of some nameless adult. It’s not true. My friends and I might still be 11, and we might still be in elementary school, but we know.”

While the naive children dominated the TV screens, the average age of the D.C. marchers was about 50 years old, according to research by University of Maryland sociologist Dana Fisher. “Only about 10 percent of the participants were under 18,” Fisher added. And on top of that, the sociologist’s research suggests only about half of those at the protest were motivated by gun control to join the march, with the rest citing Trump, peace, or other causes.

Pro-gun Students Ignored

While the media endlessly hyped the anti-gun students, it largely overlooked the vigorous resistance to the gun grabbers by individual students, and even family members of victims. Indeed, a number of Parkland students have even been trying to make clear that the anti-gun extremists paraded around D.C. by globalist front groups do not represent anyone except themselves. But the press has done its best to ignore and silence those voices.

One family member took to Twitter to speak out. “Hey @Emma4Change [Emma Gonzalez] please stop using my sister’s name to push your agenda, she DID NOT and WOULD NOT support it,” wrote Patrick Petty about his sister, who died in the shooting. “There were many failures that lead [sic] to the shooting at #MSDStrong however, to imply that people like ... myself along with millions of others, don’t care about the lives lost because we are #2A supporters is despicable. I lost my sister, I care.”

The entire Pollack family, which lost their beloved 17-year-old, Meadow, in the shooting, was shut out of the media discussion, as well. Hunter Pollack, who was hoping to give a speech at the March for Our Lives in D.C. about his fallen sister, was denied access because he refused to support more infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. “They won’t allow me to put my voice out,” he was quoted as saying in local media. “I feel that they don’t really care about the victims families. If they did, they would have let me spoken [sic].”

Andrew Pollack, Meadow’s father, has also been shunned by the press, almost certainly because he understands the importance of gun rights and was not willing to be a pawn of establishment billionaires in their quest to disarm Americans. He has tried to tell the story of his heroic daughter — she died trying to protect a younger student — but the media has shown little interest.

An articulate pro-Second Amendment survivor of the Parkland shooting, junior Kyle Kashuv, has been ignored by most of the press, too. And he was not invited to speak in D.C., either. He has blasted Hogg for “egregious and inflammatory” rhetoric, criticizing the push for more infringements on gun rights. “It paints a bad light on our entire generation,” he explained. “Guns aren’t the issue.... Where was the call for no more failures by law enforcement?”

The media ignored counter-protests that emerged across America, too, pretending that pro-gun young Americans did not exist. In Montana, a “March for Our Guns” featured high-school students speaking out on the importance of gun rights. “I believe that self-defense is a God-given right,” 18-year-old speaker Joey Chester was quoted as saying at the Capitol in Helena. “I don’t want to see that infringed upon for law-abiding citizens.” Lawmakers at the rally joined in, too, promoting gun rights for teachers and ridiculing the idea that disarming citizens would somehow make schools safer.

Another student at the pro-gun rally, 16-year-old Austyn Brown, expressed pity for his classmates who chose to attend the nearby anti-gun march. “They need to get educated about guns,” he said. “Media has been shoved in their head that guns will kill them, that guns are evil, and only bad people carry guns. That’s so untrue.” One youngster seen in photos of the event carried a sign with rubber duckies in a target reading: “Kids in gun-free zones are like sitting ducks.”

Numerous pro-gun rallies were held in Utah, Idaho, and other states. And at anti-gun marches across America, counter-protesters often showed up with signs to make their own views heard. As usual, the media largely ignored them, too.  

During the National Walkout on March 14, a significant number of students resisted the gun-control narrative as well, although practically the only coverage of it came in local reports. “I feel it’s important not only to get better protection in our schools, but I feel it’s important to remember the 17 people who lost their lives,” said Wesley Savage, a high-school junior who was quoted in local reports about the events in Philadelphia. According to the local CBS affiliate there, “About a dozen students held a counter-protest, defending the Second Amendment.”

Some students suffered for defending their pro-gun views. When public-school officials in Middleburgh, New York, called an assembly on March 14 and used it to promote an anti-Second Amendment propaganda video demonizing American gun owners, at least one student objected. After the assembly, 17-year-old Christian Breault expressed his concerns about it to other students. In response, Breault was violently assaulted by an indoctrinated anti-gun student who had become agitated from the propaganda pushed by the school. Now, the student and his father want the principal to step down.

In an e-mail, the young Breault blasted the school. “When they showed us the anti-NRA/2nd Amendment video by CNN I was furious to see that an assembly that was meant to be emotional and in remembrance of those 17 victims turned into a far-left political assembly,” he said, wondering how and why it happened. The video, dubbed “We call BS,” has been widely criticized and ridiculed for being dishonest and propagandistic.

Breault said he believes the CNN video was “totally false,” noting that it painted him and all other students who support the Second Amendment or the NRA as “criminals” and “bad people.” “That type of video should never be shown in school except for maybe political classes like my College US Politics class, NOT in an assembly where the pro-gun students can’t defend their views,” Christian continued.

Of course, as somebody who had already enlisted in the military with an oath to the Constitution, and somebody with self-taught knowledge of history and the reasoning behind the Second Amendment, Christian had to speak up. And so he did, telling other students why gun rights are so important. “The Second Amendment is a shield that protects the Constitution and the rights stated in it by allowing the people to bear arms and form militias to defend themselves from an oppressive government foreign or domestic,” he explained. “It allows us to protect our free state of life. Think of the Second Amendment as a lock on a bank vault. Inside the bank vault are all of our 26 other amendments. Once you break the vault’s lock (taking away the 2nd Amendment), you have access to steal or take away everything inside. Once the government takes the right to bear arms away, that is when the people lose a grip on keeping the rest of our 26 Amendments.”

For that, he was assaulted. And when he defended himself, he was punished. “Punishing the victim for defending themselves in my opinion is ‘BS,’” he added, a mocking reference to the CNN propaganda segment. Ultimately, the superintendent of the school district apologized to parents for the effort to indoctrinate students with politics. But countless similar incidents of indoctrination were not resisted or reported.

Still, at more than a few government schools across America, despite overwhelming pressure from anti-gun faculty, some pro-gun students have been standing firm. In Minnesota, video even emerged of New Prague High School’s principal removing a student from a group of “walkout” participants, simply because he carried a sign reading “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Apparently facts are not welcome at school these days. At Hilliard Davidson High School in Ohio, even refusing to take sides in the debate earned senior Jacob Shoemaker a suspension when he refused to either join the march or join an alternative “study hall,” according to the Associated Press. Evidence also emerged that at least some schools were forcing teachers and students to participate, whether they wanted to or not.      

In a series of viral tweets, 15-year-old sophomore C.J. Pearson also ridiculed the notion pushed by “the Left and folks like George Soros” that Hogg was the voice of the upcoming generation. “Today hundreds of thousands of young people are going to take to the streets to march for gun control because they have been fed this false narrative that the Second Amendment is discardable, the constitution is obsolete and that guns are inherently bad,” he added in a video that has been seen almost 200,000 times. “That argument, that narrative — is B.S.”

Pearson, who has been attacked by racist liberals for being black yet supporting President Trump, also displayed an insightful knowledge of history. “Remember Hitler? Joseph Stalin? Even some modern examples — Kim Jong Un and so forth and so on? The people that these regimes have oppressed I am sure would kill to have something like the Second Amendment, and I am sure that the Holocaust would have been a very different thing if those that Hitler sought to oppress had had the means to defend themselves,” he said. “First they come for our guns, then they come for our liberty.”

Pearson pointed to a recent school shooting in Maryland stopped by a good guy with a gun, saying, “The right to carry and bear arms is what keeps America free and keeps our liberties intact. I will fight for it every single day and other young people should too.” Needless to say, CNN, ABC, CBS, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and all the rest of the establishment’s propaganda organs were hardly beating down the boy’s door to get his opinion on guns.

Instead, the media ignored the pro-gun students, and painted the protesters as the voice of students and the next generation. In fact, they warned politicians countless times that the “students” would be voting soon. More than a few of the “student organizers” warned that politicians who did not fall in line would be voted out by future generations who understand the alleged wisdom of gun control. But of course, as they did with the pro-gun students, the press also largely ignored the data that would have revealed the fraudulent nature of the narrative.

Consider: A USA Today/Ipsos poll taken after the Parkland shooting, for example, found that less than half of students 13 to 17 believe stricter gun control or background checks would help prevent mass shootings. Even with the government schools, the media, and the teachers unions pushing gun control, then, it seems that most American kids see through the lies. And as they get older and wiser, it is certain that even many of the misguided children who naively believe mass murderers will obey gun regulations will wise up and recognize reality.  

What Happens Now?

With the march in the rearview mirror, and the facts still coming out, Americans appear to be seeing through the fraud on multiple levels. The Internet and the alternative media have led the way in demolishing the AstroTurf narrative that sought to blame gun rights while ignoring the fact that 98 percent of mass shootings in America were in “gun-free” zones, that every level of government had multiple opportunities to intervene, and more. Even leading Fox News personalities slammed the far-left adults using children as props to advance their political agenda.  

When it comes to adults, the news is even worse for the gun grabbers. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released two days before the march revealed that American adults now overwhelmingly recognize the fact that widespread gun ownership enhances public safety (see article on page 19). The trends are pointing toward increasingly broad support for gun rights, too, with Americans becoming more and more pro-gun. Polls also show that Americans tend to be even more hostile toward gun control when it is promoted by out-of-touch Hollywood celebrities surrounded by armed bodyguards — and said celebrities were key in promoting and funding the March 24 marches.   

Today, almost half of Americans say they live in households with guns — a number that is growing and that probably underestimates the prevalence of gun ownership in America because many gun owners are unlikely to tell a random pollster over the phone that they have guns in their house. In short, the anti-gun Democrats and the children they are exploiting to advance gun control are on the fringe of American politics, despite dishonest attempts by the media to paint their antics and agenda as mainstream.

Another “walkout” is being planned for April 20. But it’s not clear how much of an effect the AstroTurf protests will have on policy, if any. By exploiting traumatized youth and grieving parents duped into blaming gun rights — and ignoring those who recognize the absurdity and falsehoods of the gun-control argument — the gun-control lobby has made some small progress already. In Florida, despite being governed by Republicans, anti-gun forces were able to pass some relatively minor infringements by pairing them with a plan to arm certain faculty members at school — the latter, an idea with widespread support among law enforcement. In Illinois, lawmakers are working on a plan that would confiscate legally purchased guns from adults under age 21. And Congress snuck various infringements into the recent omnibus, too.

None of these infringements should be viewed in isolation. According to John Birch Society CEO Arthur R. Thompson, “We need to grasp that there is an agenda for disarming Americans. Today it’s the AR-15, tomorrow it’s Grandpa’s shotgun, and next year it’ll be our freedom.”

For the sake of the unalienable rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, Americans must expose the lies of the media and the phony “student” activism being directed by sinister anti-American globalists. After all, gun rights are among the most crucial, because they guarantee all the rest of the rights listed in the Constitution, in addition to providing safety and national security benefits that are so massive they are impossible to quantify.

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