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Dangerous Climate “Cult” Ignores Science

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MADRID — Numerous scientists and experts have argued that the alarmists peddling hysteria about the man-made global-warming hypothesis are behaving as members of a religious cult while claiming to be acting on the basis of science. Instead of rejecting or revising their earlier dire warnings of climate catastrophe based on the growing body of scientific evidence arguing against their alarmism, they cling to their discredited dogma that environmental doomsday is fast approaching.

For example, according to the alarmist theory, increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by a certain percentage will not simply cause a corresponding increase in temperature — it will cause runaway global warming. That is what the alarmists’ models have forecast, but that is not what has happened. Scientists may debate how much global temperature has increased in recent years (satellite readings show almost no warming since 2000), but it is uncontested that runaway global warming has not occurred as the alarmists predicted. Same for United Nations claims of more hurricanes, more fires, less snow, and so on. Not surprisingly for a cult, this reality has not caused the climate cultists to reconsider their claims. The supposed environmental tipping point, when it will no longer be possible to prevent the impending catastrophe, is always just a few years away.

Back in 1989, the Associated Press reported: “Noel Brown, director of the New York office of the U.N. Environmental Program, or UNEP … said governments have a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes beyond human control.” U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born in 1989. Last year, she warned, “The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.” Oh well, at least she gave humankind two more years than the UNEP’s Brown did 30 years earlier. And perhaps she does not know that before she was born, in the 1970s and even into the early ’80s, “experts” were warning that a man-made global-cooling trend could trigger another ice age.

But the alarmists of recent decades continue to not only claim that they are right about catastrophic global warming, they also claim that the “science” purporting to establish a “climate emergency” is “settled.” In reality, as this magazine has repeatedly documented, the scientific evidence  is overwhelming — that there is no climate emergency.* But cults do not need evidence, science, reason, logic, or any of the tools traditionally associated with the honest pursuit of truth. Instead, they depend on deception, irrational faith, peer pressure, and a total concealing of the truth to advance and keep their members in line.


The cult-like nature of climatism was on full display at last December’s United Nations COP25 “climate” conference in Madrid attended by this author, whose cover-story report on the craziness appeared in the February 3 issue of TNA under the title “Climate Alarmists Unmasked.” Absent from the UN circus were scientific realists, who held a “Climate Reality Conference” elsewhere in Madrid hosted by a coalition of environmental groups that reject global alarmism, including the Heartland Institute, the CO2 Coalition, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), and the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE). Not surprisingly, their alternative conference, where evidence debunking the alarmism was presented, was ignored by the mainstream media.

One of the speakers was Dr. William Happer, an internationally renowned Princeton physicist who served President Trump on the National Security Council until resigning recently. Happer, who did not mince words, used the occasion to identify the alarmists as a cult. “I hope sooner or later enough people recognize the phoniness of this bizarre environmental cult and bring it to an end,” he declared.

Happer also suggested that the climate cult’s “crusade” against CO2 would end badly for everyone. “We have a climate crusade…. This is not science, it’s a religion,” he declared. “Crusades have a bad way of ending. Typically, many, many people are hurt, no good is done, but a few cynical opportunists profit and most people pay the price. The same thing will happen with the climate crusade if we permit it to go forward. I pray that we can stop it before it does too much damage.”

The entire premise around which the cult has rallied is phony, Happer explained. “We are here under false pretenses, wasting our time talking about a non-existent climate emergency,” said the world-renowned scientist, who previously told The New American that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be good for the planet and the people who inhabit it. “It’s hard to understand how much further the shrillness can go, as this started out as global warming, then it was climate change or global weirding, now it is climate crisis and climate emergency. What next? But stick around, it will happen.”

Of course, Happer is hardly the first world-renowned scientist to call the climate-alarmist movement a cult. MIT meteorologist Richard Lindzen has frequently referred to the warmists as a “cult” because they refuse to change their beliefs in response to evidence and proof.

“As with any cult, once the mythology of the cult begins falling apart, instead of saying, oh, we were wrong, they get more and more fanatical,” Lindzen explained in a January 2015 radio interview. “I think that’s what’s happening here. Think about it: You’ve led an unpleasant life, you haven’t led a very virtuous life, but now you’re told, you get absolution if you watch your carbon footprint. It’s salvation!”

And in December of that year, outside the UN COP21 climate summit in Paris, the late Dr. Ivstan Marko, a chemistry professor at the Catholic University of Louvain and the head of the European Chemical Society, told The New American that the climate cult had perverted Christianity to develop its dangerous theology. Instead of repenting of sins, climate cultists want you to believe that you must repent of your “carbon footprint” — by giving them money and surrendering your freedom.

“It’s a new religion going on,” he explained. “We call it climatism around here. That new religion is there to make sure that people will pay — you will pay for carbon dioxide, you will pay for heating your home, you will pay for everything that touches far or close to climate.” It is also a religion that does not brook dissent. “If you want to have research grants, you have to abide by the current dogma. If you don’t do that, you will never be funded.” 

High-profile political leaders have come to the same conclusion. Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, for instance, blasted the cult for the danger it represents. “While we still seem to be in the grip of a climate cult, the climate cult is going to produce policy outcomes that will cause people to wake up to themselves,” he told Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation foreign editor Eran Mor-Cicurel in an interview. “The last thing we should be doing is driving our industries offshore, putting extra pressure on household budgets, and risking Third World-style blackouts all in the name of climate change.”

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This article appears in the February 17, 2020, issue of The New American. To download the issue and continue reading this story, or to subscribe, click here.

The Cult

As if to confirm that the warmist movement truly had become a cult, self-described “eco-social activist” Stuart Scott — a leading UN COP25 speaker and population-control zealot — put a religious spin on it all. Christians, of course, say, “What Would Jesus Do?” when considering actions. Scott, though, concluded his highly controversial remarks during one of his speeches on a prominent UN stage by asking, “What would Greta do?” — a reference to the Swedish teenager who has been used as a child prop by the climatists. It would be hard to find better evidence that these people constitute a “bizarre environmental cult,” as Happer put it.

Even apostate Christian churches have joined the climate cult. “Announcement! Jesus of Nazareth has now appointed one of his successors, Greta Thunberg,” claimed a pastor with the Church of Sweden. Listening to Greta’s thundering lectures aimed at “world leaders,” she sure sounded like a cult leader, promising endless punishment, fire, and torment for those evil sinners responsible for harming Mother Earth with man-made “global warming.” 

Inside COP25, it sure seemed like a cult — a doomsday cult, to be specific, with the poisoned Kool-Aid being offered to the entire planet in the form of global taxes, global socialism, and more (see “Faith, Family, and Freedom Under Warmist Assault” in the February 3 issue of TNA). Virtually every speaker and delegate and “journalist” and activist referred to “science” as if it were some vengeful god that must be appeased and obeyed, rather than a process used to discover truth. “Science demands that we bla bla bla,” the high priests of the climate cult, who flew in on private jets and arrived in fleets of armored limos, lectured their followers, who mindlessly bleated agreement. “Science must be respected! Science must be obeyed! Failure will result in utter planetary destruction. We only have 10 years to obey!”

The irony is that there was absolutely no interest in actual science among the bulk of COP25 cultists, many of whom were trained like Pavlov’s dogs to drool out the outlandish mantra that the “science is settled” and cannot be questioned.

General Secretary Wolfgang Müller of the European Institute for Climate and Energy, Germany’s leading think tank for climate and energy policies, rejected the notion that there was anything scientific about what was going on at COP25. “One of the biggest examples of fake news even before the invention of fake news is ‘settled science,’” he told The New American. “If it’s settled, it’s not science. If it’s done by consensus, it’s not science, and vice versa.”

Müller also told us that there appeared to be a deliberate effort to prevent any questions directed at alarmism-promoting scientists and experts at the UN summit. He also noted that blatantly incorrect and unscientific assertions on everything from hurricanes to climate were being encouraged at the UN summit, with no hint of reality allowed in. Indeed, one of the American Democrats who came to COP25, U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), sparked nationwide ridicule during the Obama years by demanding that anti-mafia RICO laws be used to prosecute those who reject the man-made warming hypothesis. Again, talk about cultish behavior! Dissenters must be punished. Heretics must repent or be burned at the stake!

Müller was one of the scientific experts who spoke at the alternative Climate Reality Conference, along with the aforementioned Dr. Happer. So was Dr. David Wojick, who is affiliated with CFACT and serves as the executive director of the Climate Change Debate Education project. Wojick noted that the UN’s alarmism was purposely ignoring evidence contradicting its agenda. “Their reports are not assessments,” he told The New American about the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its alarmist pronouncements. “They have the structure of legal briefs arguing one side of a court case. I call this artful bias. They mostly just ignore the skeptical arguments, or if mentioned they are simply glossed over. So what you have is half a debate.”

Beyond that, the UN’s arguments are “entirely based on computer modeling, but the models they rely on are constrained so that only humans can cause global warming,” explained Dr. Wojick, who has a Ph.D. in the logic and philosophy of science. He added that the notion of a “climate emergency” is not grounded in reality, but in outlandish reports and predictions that often do not even support the alarmism. Basically, the “climate emergency” exists only in the debunked “computer models” of climate alarmists on the government payroll.

Other speakers at the alternative climate conference included NOAA meteorologist Stanley Goldenberg, an expert on hurricanes; prominent meteorologist Anthony Watts of WattsUpWithThat fame; Chilean engineer Douglas Pollock, who exposed the insanity of Chile’s “climate” policies; science policy advisor to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and climate expert Lord Christopher Monckton; International Climate Science Coalition Executive Director Tom Harris; and Heartland Institute Center on Climate and Environmental Policy Director James Taylor.

Also speaking was Dutch geophysicist Dr. Guus Berkhout, who founded the Global Climate Intelligence Group, challenging the alarmism in Europe. Before COP25 began, Berkhout got hundreds of scientists to sign a petition, delivered to UN and European government leaders, rejecting the premise that there is a “climate emergency.” Not surprisingly, their petition was ignored. 

Taken together, the Climate Reality Conference speakers absolutely demolished the pseudo-scientific case for climate alarmism. But the media and all the “science” cultists were nowhere to be found, with just a tiny handful of articles even mentioning the event, mostly to ridicule and demonize it. For cult leaders, “science” (or whatever other false god they may lift up, such as “equality” or “Mother Earth”) is just a pretext for power and control.

Are Cult Leaders True Believers?

Aside from Saint Greta, perhaps, the cult leaders seem to know better than to believe the garbage they teach their followers. If they really believed that CO2 was pollution, they would quit flying tens of thousands of people thousands of miles around the world to these UN “climate” summits in the name of stopping CO2 emissions. After all, Skype and virtual meetings are used by Fortune 500 companies all the time. If they truly believed, the cult leaders might also consider reducing their own humongous carbon footprints. After all, climate crusaders such as Al Gore, Michael Bloomberg, and John Kerry, all of whom made an appearance in Madrid, have individual carbon footprints significantly larger than many African villages. If they really believed that meat was contributing to man-made warming, the Burger King at the UN summit would not have been the busiest establishment in the whole place. Ironically, Burger Kings throughout Spain sold the vegan “impossible” burger, but not the one at the UN summit — we checked!

And if the cult leaders really believed, they might show some concern about Communist China, which is the world’s largest emitter of CO2, as well as of real pollution. Currently, the Chinese release about 30 percent of all human emissions into the atmosphere — and that is climbing, fast. Beijing also promised to continue increasing its CO2 emissions for at least another decade as the regime continues to build coal-fired power plants. China actually has more coal-fired plants in production right now than the entire European Union has online across the entire continent.

Meanwhile, Americans produce just 15 percent of global human-caused CO2. And in the United States, due to technology, innovation, and the market-driven shift to natural gas, CO2 emissions are dropping like a rock. If the warmists were truly concerned about CO2 — human emissions make up a fraction of one percent of all the greenhouse gases naturally present in the atmosphere — they would be urging Communist China to be more like America. 

But instead of America being praised, the United States was endlessly demonized at COP25 while China was praised. “Xi Jinping is not a dictator,” said Bloomberg before arriving at COP25 in one of his three private planes when asked about these facts. The Nanny State billionaire also owns two helicopters, a dozen homes, almost 50 cars, and a half-dozen yachts. Xi, who actually is a mass-murdering dictator, is building the coal-fired power plants away from the cities, Bloomberg said, as if that made any difference in terms of the man-made warming hypothesis claiming CO2 in the atmosphere anywhere is the problem.

Similar hypocrisy was everywhere. While warmists pushed a conspiracy theory about “Big Oil” stifling their progress, in the real world, the major oil companies and virtually all the Big Business players, including mega-banks, are shoveling money into the climate cult’s coffers. Ironically, Spain’s largest energy supplier and consumer of “fossil fuels,” Endesa, was a “diamond sponsor” of the UN COP25. Yes, seriously. The Rockefeller dynasty, meanwhile, which has been the top financial backer of the alarmist movement for decades, as revealed in a report from the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, created one of the world’s largest fortunes using oil. Yes, oil.

The climate cult wants you to pay for indulgences in the form of carbon taxes and wealth redistribution. But they know better than to pay up themselves. Instead, the cult leaders will be laughing all the way to the bank. 

In short, it is easy to see why so many experts view the warmist movement as a dangerous cult. The question now is whether this cult will succeed in duping the rest of the world — and especially the American people — into drinking the Kool-Aid, too.

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