God Blessed America With Kate Smith

Written by Dennis Behreandt

Today Kate Smith is attacked for racism. But a review of the life of this remarkable performer who became known as America’s Songbird draws a far different picture.

Venezuela isn’t, as liberals say, socialism done wrong. It’s the logical result of a methodical, slow, implementation of socialism.

Immigrant Invasion

Written by R. Cort Kirkwood

Illegal immigrants have overwhelmed the capacities of the Border Patrol. And they keep coming, bringing diseases, crime, and high costs with them.

With U.S. judges usurping the power to make or revoke laws — and Congress sitting idly by —  it’s time to nullify extra-constitutional judicial supremacy.

The Democratic Socialists of America are exultant. The LGBTQ Rainbow Mafia are jubilant. The New York Times and its “progressive” media comrades are triumphant. Prostitutes, pimps, and johns are exuberant. 

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