Withdrawal from NAFTA will not happen unless sufficient understanding is created among American voters to lead to a tsunami of messages to President Trump and Congress to Get US Out! of NAFTA.

The architects of NAFTA acknowledged that they were (and are) drawing on the experience of their confreres in the European Union, and applying their deceptive tactics to transform NAFTA into a full-blown supranational, regional government.

NAFTA — like many other international trade and defense agreements to which the United States is a party — is in fact very deleterious to constitutional government.

NAFTA is a steppingstone toward more integrated regional government; left to its own devices, it will not forever remain confined to trade.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump excoriated NAFTA, but now his administration is trying to renegotiate it. So is NAFTA bad, and if yes, will renegotiation solve its problems?

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