After Boston Children’s Hospital used specious diagnoses and reasoning to claim custody of, and kidnap, a girl from her family, one man took action to help — and got arrested.

Civilizations rise and fall, but Western Civilization has withstood horrific stresses and still resulted in the modern world. But its strength — its Judeo-Christian rules — is being drained. 

The two-week climate talkathon in Bonn, Germany, was as much about political theater and propaganda as it was about substantive issues involved in divvying up the world’s wealth and advancing “global governance.”

Catalans, a people from northeastern Spain, and other groups wish to form their own countries. But the political entity running Europe — the EU — will not let that happen.

Withdrawal from NAFTA will not happen unless sufficient understanding is created among American voters to lead to a tsunami of messages to President Trump and Congress to Get US Out! of NAFTA.

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