To the surprise of many of his right-wing critics, after his election, Donald Trump moved right in his policies, unlike Republican presidents from previous decades, who moved left.

The political and media adversaries of the current top officials contend that community safety around the nation is being sacrificed to the gods of the oil industry and claims that power plants are now being given free rein to pollute.

For a variety of reasons, critics have claimed that Thomas Jefferson, after his wife’s death, fathered children with his slave Sally Hemings, but the facts say otherwise.

Trump biographer Michael Wolff says that not only did Trump’s staffers think he was going to lose the election, but they thought he was crazy — along with other unproven claims.

Fake news, once dubbed “yellow journalism,” is as old as news itself, but nowadays, with the slant given by major media to most reporting, major media have themselves to blame.

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