The United States has — since at least World War II — been suffering from an identity crisis: We are a republic that calls itself a democracy and behaves like an empire. America’s survival depends not on continuing American imperialism, but on abandoning it for a return to the policies that served America so well before it behaved like an empire.

Even as left-wing news outlets, such as PBS, wonder aloud why the public distrusts them, they call anyone who disagrees with them vile names and celebrate leftist violence.

While the violent vitriol was worse than usual, the “fake news” media outrage was to be expected following Trump’s speech to the Scouts.

Podunk North Korea doesn’t have the technological wherewithal or funds to keep the country lit, yet it supposedly threatens the free world. We give the underlying story.

We often hear that any Republican plan to repeal and/or replace ObamaCare would result in tens of thousands of deaths. This is simply untrue.

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