Science has been exposing one global-warming falsehood after another. Predictably, the $1 trillion-a-year climate-alarmist industry is screaming.

MIT’s Rafael Reif claims there’s an “overwhelming” consensus among scientists supporting his global-warming alarmism. He should know better.

Socialism is becoming fashionable around the world — usually under the guise of helping those in need — but the universal characteristics of it are poverty, misery, and corruption.

In WWII, more than 300,000 Allied soldiers made a providential escape from France when German forces had them trapped. Was it a “miracle” or something else?

The United States has — since at least World War II — been suffering from an identity crisis: We are a republic that calls itself a democracy and behaves like an empire. America’s survival depends not on continuing American imperialism, but on abandoning it for a return to the policies that served America so well before it behaved like an empire.

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