The Deep State is a state within a state — a shadow government that manipulates and shapes the policies of the visible government, without regard to the best interests of the country, the U.S. Constitution, the laws enacted by Congress, and the public policies of the president, who heads the executive branch

Skeptics of the deity and even the existence of Jesus Christ abound, but the historical evidence of Him is strong, and even Jesus’ enemies didn’t deny that He did miracles.

We are typically told in school that the Progressive Era was a time when “good government” saved America from free markets run rampant, but historical facts tell a different story.

Despite President Trump’s announced withdrawal from the Paris Accord — and the vehement condemnations he has received from the globalist choir for doing so — we are still in.

After Boston Children’s Hospital used specious diagnoses and reasoning to claim custody of, and kidnap, a girl from her family, one man took action to help — and got arrested.

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