Illegal immigrants have overwhelmed the capacities of the Border Patrol. And they keep coming, bringing diseases, crime, and high costs with them.

With U.S. judges usurping the power to make or revoke laws — and Congress sitting idly by —  it’s time to nullify extra-constitutional judicial supremacy.

The Democratic Socialists of America are exultant. The LGBTQ Rainbow Mafia are jubilant. The New York Times and its “progressive” media comrades are triumphant. Prostitutes, pimps, and johns are exuberant. 

This country’s Founders saw the hand of God in the Colonies’ victory over the mighty British empire — with God’s providence most apparent in the fortunes of George Washington.

Washington State liberals passed a law attempting to track and control guns. Law officers across that state are blocking its use, recognizing that it is unconstitutional and wrong.

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