Though Democrat officials deny aiding Antifa violence and making police stand down while Antifa commits violence and property damage, the pattern is obvious.

The John Birch Society has been enduring rampant smears of late, being called anti-Semitic and a white nationalist group. But the truth is far different — and always has been.

The Taliban and Islamic state blow up ancient statues. Cambodia’s communist Khmer Rouge aimed to erase the past and start history anew with their “Year Zero.” As for our “devolutionaries,” when will they destroy Mt. Rushmore? Answer: when they have enough power.

Of late, Confederate General Robert E. Lee has been disparaged as just another racist slave owner. But that is blatantly false.

The liberal media is saying that reducing any of the EPA's regulatory burden on industry will cause thousands of pollution-related deaths. In reality, there claims are overblown and such action is having positive economic benefits.

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