Marc Morano explains in his new book how media and scientists on a mission have dented logic, banged around facts, crashed careers, and disappeared disagreements.

Despite years of justifications and denials by the ATF and FBI, it is apparent not only that the assault on the sect was unprovoked, but that government leaders were at fault.

Prominent technology leaders are offering salvation from unemployment via further bloating the welfare state with dollars wrenched from taxpayers. The solution, we are led to believe, is for guaranteed checks to be bestowed on everyone.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award show — the Oscars — saw its lowest-ever ratings. But don’t hold out hope that the show will now become less liberal.

Trump-Kremlin conspiracy theorists have continued their efforts to delegitimize and hamstring the Trump administration, aided by Deep State operatives who have corrupted and politicized our federal intelligence and law-enforcement communities.

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