The ongoing debate over tax cuts has been framed, as it always is, in stark terms: Either we stimulate the economy by cutting taxes — leading to a rise in deficits and debts — or we raise taxes to pay the ever-higher cost of government.

There is now a growing movement in favor of convening a new constitutional convention to correct a host of alleged deficiencies in the document. A constitutional convention is clearly both legal and constitutional. But is it wise?

The recent rush to kneel or otherwise refuse to show deference for the National Anthem among professional football players is deeply offensive to many patriotic Americans. But should such conduct be illegal?

In the wake of the awful mass shooting in Las Vegas, anti-gun interests across the nation claim the federal government should do everything it can to outlaw the private ownership of weapons deemed a threat to public safety. Are they correct?

Americans everywhere expect their government to do something about the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. But what exactly should its role be?

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