The very institutions that republics so painstakingly maintain to maximize the liberty of their citizens and the stability of their body politic are susceptible to perversion into instruments of tyranny.

Leaders of both political parties are ever on the lookout for new monopolies to tame. But the one monopoly that no one seems inclined to confront — Big Government itself — shows no signs of receding.

In scandal-ridden Washington, every crisis is a mortal threat to our constitutional order, or so the hysteria mongers in the mainstream news media would have us believe.

The ongoing debate over tax cuts has been framed, as it always is, in stark terms: Either we stimulate the economy by cutting taxes — leading to a rise in deficits and debts — or we raise taxes to pay the ever-higher cost of government.

There is now a growing movement in favor of convening a new constitutional convention to correct a host of alleged deficiencies in the document. A constitutional convention is clearly both legal and constitutional. But is it wise?

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