VIDEO - In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman explains that the New World Order globalists talk about so much will not be communist or capitalist. Rather, it will be a technocracy. Relying on the excellent research of Patrick Wood, Newman highlights the nature of this form of government, and warns about how dangerous it is. In short, it means no freedom and rule by elitist technocrats, supposedly in the interest of the environment or economic efficiency. Communist China is the premier model today, but this horrible system is spreading its tentacles around the world with help from top Deep State organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations.

Contrary to what we are so often told, America's Founding Fathers did not create a democracy. Yet our founding principles are being replaced with democracy, resulting in the loss of liberty, Dr. Randall G. Holcombe warns in Liberty in Peril.

It is not unusual to come across materials bashing Millennials and Generation Z as selfish, spoiled, hyper-sensitive, etc. But how often do you see the Baby Boomers bashed?

VIDEO - Free speech activist and author of The Truth is No Defense, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, shares with Alex Newman of The New American how she was charged with “hate speech” under Austrian law.

VIDEO - In this exclusive interview with The New American's Alex Newman, Professor Rectenwald highlights the enormous danger that the so-called “social justice” movement poses to freedom and civilization. This ideology of tyranny is now being taught to American students at school and universities, threatening everything good. Rectenwald also discusses the hidden history of this dangerous movement.

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