Police surveillance camera in Times SquareGeorge Orwell's novel 1984, published in 1949, portrayed a future totalitarian world, ruled by a seemingly omnipotent tyrant called Big Brother. When the actual year 1984 rolled around, the world didn't look just the way Orwell had envisioned; therefore some criticized the book as a failed prophecy. Today, however, the world looks much more as Orwell envisioned it. Moreover, if you read Orwell's novel carefully, it's not even certain that the year is 1984 — that was simply what the people were told by the government, which controlled all information.

Cover of Meltdown by Thomas WoodsToday's hard times are prompting people to learn more about the forces that drive our economy, and the book Meltdown, by Thomas Woods, offers an entertaining way to do just that.

Christianity and War bookFrom Korea to Iraq, America has waged undeclared war; Laurence Vance's Christianity and War sheds light on how this war making corresponds to the classic definition of a "just war."

Covers of two books about prosecuting BushTwo recently published books address the possibility of prosecuting George W. Bush and top Bush administration officials for crimes committed while in office.

Ron Paul - A Man of Ideas front coverRon Paul: A Life of Ideas, the first book-length biography of the noted congressman, tells the back story of the man behind the revolution, a best-selling book, and the Internet phenomenon.

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