Christianity and War bookFrom Korea to Iraq, America has waged undeclared war; Laurence Vance's Christianity and War sheds light on how this war making corresponds to the classic definition of a "just war."

Covers of two books about prosecuting BushTwo recently published books address the possibility of prosecuting George W. Bush and top Bush administration officials for crimes committed while in office.

Ron Paul - A Man of Ideas front coverRon Paul: A Life of Ideas, the first book-length biography of the noted congressman, tells the back story of the man behind the revolution, a best-selling book, and the Internet phenomenon.

The Really Inconvenient Truths book coverAnyone concerned about the environment and seeking the best solutions for how to protect it will find The Really Inconvenient Truths, by Iain Murray, to be a valuable, fact-filled resource that is both informative and entertaining.

Obama Nation book coverIn The Obama Nation, author Jerome Corsi offers some devastating critiques of Barack Obama, including his ties to radical leftists and his "cult of personality."

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