The movie portrays the notorious architect of the Final Solution as both a monster and a human being, teaching us a powerful lesson about limiting the power of government.

Dinesh D'Souza has produced another cinematic assault upon the Democratic Party, this time providing some important history neglected by the Left's history books.

If you are hoping to see a credible cinematic portrayal of a corrupt U.S. senator, intoxicated with power, privilege, and prestige, who leaves a girl to die and then swings into damage-control mode to rescue his own political career, this movie will not disappoint.

Today, Christians are often amazed at the hostility of the non-believing culture. This movie is a powerful demonstration of what can happen when that hostility is empowered with the sword of the State.

In this motion picture version of the daring 1976 Israeli raid to free hostages in Entebbe, Uganda, the audience is treated to the point of view of the terrorists, as well as the heroism of the Israeli commandos.

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