Both the Left and the Right were a bit right and a bit wrong about the Black Panther prior to its release. Both expected the film to trumpet the Social Justice Warriors' revolutionary egalitarian agenda. But it does no such thing. And what it does do makes it worth seeing.

The true story of Lee Strobel, an atheist newspaper reporter who comes to faith in Christ after months of investigation, is dramatically told on the silver screen.

While Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge can be faulted for taking some major liberties with the life of conscientious objector Desmond Doss, it hits the mark in its portrayal of Doss' love of God and his fellow man. In some ways, this is not a war movie, but rather a love story with the Sixth Commandment as the guiding principle of Doss' convictions.

As bad as the modern Democratic Party is, that does not excuse twisting history in an effort to make the Democratic Party totally evil and the Republican Party totally good. Let's take a look.

Star Trek Beyond, the 13th film in the Star Trek movie franchise and the third in the new reboot series of films produced by JJ Abrams, reunites the cast and crew of the starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) from the last two Star Trek films in what is perhaps their boldest adventure yet.

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