High-quality science fiction/action film Catching Fire burned up the box office in its opening weekend, and — unusually for a sci-fi film — drew a majority female audience. The movie grossed an estimated $161.1 million in North America and $307.7 million globally in its first weekend.

National Geographic Channel's docudrama Killing Kennedy presents a dual timeline — one depicting the presidency of John Kennedy and a parallel dramatization about the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, who, the Warren Commission concluded, killed the president.

The Fifth Estate is more like a documentary — without the context or the strict adherence to documentable facts — than it is an dramatization. It's not a bad film, even though it straddles the two worlds without fully embracing either genre.

Captain Phillips is a well-made drama about the real-life events that played themselves out on global television back in April of 2009. The audience already knows the outline of what happened before walking into the theater.

The chilling new film Gravity grips the audience immediately with a nightmarish scenario high above the Earth, where astronauts Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) are stranded. The powerful and tense plot and unique visual features rivet the audience as they empathize with the two astronauts in what appears to be an almost hopeless situation.

It's about maintaining one’s composure and finding one’s faith when very little hope appears to exist.



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