The highly anticipated sequel to Despicable Me hit theaters on July 3 treating audiences to another hilarious and family-friendly film. Ripe with the same loveable characters from the original, Despicable Me 2 proves to be a wonderful film for the family.


What happened when a Northerner vociferously protested against war with the South? This movie by the director of Gods and Generals and Gettysburg answers that question.

FRACKNATION takes viewers on a journey that includes visits both to fracking’s proponents and foes, interviews with government officials, commentary from scientific experts who challenge the health scares, background about the chief opponent of the process, and even a credible suggestion that Vladimir Putin’s Russia stands to be an important beneficiary if fracking can be discredited and banned.

A bird? A plane? Nope. A Superman remake. And a darn good one. Man of Steel is an exciting superhero flick with some very strong Christian elements. In fact, it is easily the most spiritual of all of the Superman films.

A California doctor treks around the world in 40 days to uncover the tragic consequences of banning DDT.

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