Red Dawn, the remake of the classic 1984 film, raises numerous questions about the current awareness of American citizens of external (and internal) threats to their freedom.

In the new and beautifully animated six-minute film I, Pencil, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) has brought to life Leonard Read’s I, Pencil, one of the classic essays of free-market thought in the 20th century.

Steven Spielberg's Lincoln will certainly add to the heroic status already afforded the 16th president, despite the acknowledgement that Lincoln was willing to (and did) violate the Constitution.

Flight is a powerfully redemptive film that highlights the disastrous effects that substance abuse can have on one’s life. Denzel Washington aptly portrays a man who has seemingly hit rock-bottom until things take a dramatic turn for the worse, proving that man’s fall into depravity is a hard and dramatic one without bounds. Flight proves to be an exciting film with masterful direction and action and can possibly be one of this year’s best. 

Pastor C.L. Bryant hosts Runaway Slave, a documentary based on the theme of modern day enslavement to the tyranny of government, and calls Americans to run away toward freedom. 

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