Doonby, a big-screen psychological thriller that addresses abortion and other life issues, is poised for national release over the next few months, and it is no stretch to predict that those who see it will never forget its powerful pro-life theme.

Promised Land posterThe story line in the new theatrical release Promised Land is obviously intended to leave audiences with a very dim and scary view of fracking and the companies that use this new method of drilling to tap vast amounts of oil and natural gas that otherwise would be inaccessible. But the depiction in Promised Land is so fantastic that the intent could backfire. Indeed, by the end of the film, moviegoers may be left annoyed and offended by the blatant attack on fracking. Indeed, this reviewer was very annoyed. (Warning: spoilers follow.)

Released on Christmas Day, Les Misérables is a powerful, engaging musical rendition of Victor Hugo’s classic novel of the same name that holds a profound Christian message of love and redemption.



The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, released on December 13, proves to be an outstanding first film in this new Lord of the Rings prequel trilogy, the second installment of which is scheduled to hit theaters December 2013. It brings J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic novel about Middle-Earth to life in a way that can be accomplished only through masterful use of plot elements, impressive technological advances, charismatic performances, and top-notch direction and cinematography.

Red Dawn, the remake of the classic 1984 film, raises numerous questions about the current awareness of American citizens of external (and internal) threats to their freedom.

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